Will this be the piece to complete the Twins bullpen in 2015?

With all the rotation woes in the 2014 season, the fact that the Twins' pen as a whole was worse than the rotation, comparatively (and absolutely, Twins' relievers had a worse cumulative FIP than starters) to the rest of the league, was hidden very well.   So was the fact that Glen Perkins lost 1.5 mph in his fastball and slider, gained a 1.5 ERA and half FIP point and decreased his K% by a good 7%.   So was the facts  that when Caleb Thielbar's first half .258 BABIP and Casey Fien first half .243 BABIP, landed in this stratosphere, their ERAs & WHIPs skyrocketed to 4.15 and 2.019 & 7.04 and 1.609, respectively.

Of course the usual excuses are heard about the Pen's unraveling (e.g the Twins' starters did not pitch enough into the game, like this is not really manager's choice, or that the outfield defense was horrible.)   Sadly, the Twins did not do anything to address this glaring weakness, other than letting Burton and Swarzak (who was not the worse of the bunch) go, and sign another couple of replacement wave players.

I think that Mike Pelfrey will return and be a force in the Twins' pen as the Right hand set up man, at least.  Is it time that the Twins sign this guy (for the 1 year, $10 million deal he is looking for) to bridge the time for Burdi and move Perkins to the left hand set up man?

That would be a good pen.  Just $10 million dollars; heck give him $10.5.  That would help the Twins in 2015 more than the aging outfielder with the attitude problem they signed for the same money