Updated lineups after the Santana trade


Carlos Gomez CF
Joe Mauer C
Michael Cuddyer RF
Justin Morneau 1B
Delmon Young LF
Jason Kubel DH
Mike Lamb 3B
Brendan Harris 2B
Adam Everett SS

Mike Redmond (Bench)
Nick Punto (Bench)
Craig Monroe (Bench)
Two positions (Jason Pridie/Matt Macri/Brian Buscher/Alexi Casilla/Tommy Watkins/Alejandro Machado) (Bench)

Pitching staff:

Francisco Liriano (SP)
Scott Baker (SP)
Boof Bonser (SP)
Kevin Slowey (SP)
Mike Humber/Dan Perkins/Nick Blackburn/Brian Duensing/Anthony Swarzak/Kevin Mulvey

Joe Nathan (CL)
Pat Neshek (RP)
Jesse Crain (RP)
Matt Guerrier (RP)
Dennys Reyes (RP)
Juan Rincon (RP)

Potentially a free agent centerfielder could be signed moving Gomez to the bench, however other than Lofton, there are no centerfielders that would potentially produce as well as Gomez or match his defence. This trade gives the Twins a very good defensive outfield as all 3 potential starters have great arms and Gomez has excellent range. A potential victim of the numbers might be Craig Monroe, depending on his spring training production. Also, there is a surplus of starting pitching at the AAA/AAAA level, which might indicate that the Twins might be interested in pulling another trade.