Presenting the New and Improved Minnesota Twins manager and coaches

Still is to be determined, but there is a lot of smoke.  And mirrors

After Scott Ullger and Mr Vavra were "fired" and "re-hired" and "were re-assigned" yesterday, we are learning today that they will fill 2 of the 5 perceived coaching vacancies for the Twins in 2013.

Without further ado here are your "new" Twins' coaches:

Gardy: manager
Andy: Pitching
Scottie: Outfield/3B (or 1B)
Vavry: Infield/1B (or 3B)

and 3 openings:

Glynn: Bench
Bruno: Hitting
Cuellar: Bullpen

And the 2 least responsible people for the debacle (Stally and Jerry White) are fired.

Did anyone mention rearranging chairs?


Separated at birth? Sugar Bear and Ron Gardenhire

You make the call:

Sugar Bear:

Ron Gardenhire:

Still haven't figured who Honey Boo Boo looks like...