MLB Predictions for the 2011 season

It is this time of the year. Here are my predictions for the 2011 season:

AL East

Red Sox 99-53
Yankees 88-64
Toronto 79-83
Rays 77-85
Orioles 69-93

AL Central

Twins 92-70
White Sox 84-78
Tigers 78-84
Indians 73-89
Royals 72-90

AL West

Rangers 88-64
A's 83-81
Mariners 75-87
Angels 73-85

NL East

Phillies 90-72
Atlanta 88-74
Mets 82-82
Nationals 80-84
Marlins 76-86

NL Central

Cincinnati 86-76
Milwaukee 84-78
Cubs 80-82
Cardinals 79-83
Pirates 70-92
Astros 68-84

NL West

Padres 92-70
Giants 86-76
Rockies 82-82
Dodgers 72-90
Diamondbacks 68-84

AL Champions: Twins over Red Sox
NL Champions: Padres over Reds

World Champions: Twins over Padres (in 7 with Nathan and Neshek saving every game for their respective teams)

few more Twins' predictions:

  • By the end of April one of Baker, Blackburn, Duensing will lose their starting job to Slowey

  • By the end of June another of the above will lose his job to Gibson

  • Luke Hughes will spend more days on the 25-man roster than Dusty Hughes who himself will spend more than Jeff Manship

  • Perkins will be a decent reliever

  • Nishioka will be the Rookie of the Year and Delmon Young the MVP, with FranKKKKKKKie finishing second to Lester in the Cy Young Award

  • Mike Cuddyer will play his last game in a Twins' uniform sometime in July due to injury, when the Revere era will officially commence

  • Joe Mauer will catch more than 130 games and Justin Morneau will make more than 130 starts in 1B

  • Drew Butera will not make the post-season roster

  • Matt Tolbert will be released before the All-Star break

What do you think?