2013 Twins Spring Training Battle Dashboard 3.0: The final stretch edition

It is already almost a month into Spring Training games for the Twins, and it is time for the second version of the dashboards.   You can find all 2013 Spring Training dashboards here, for reference.
Again, you can find explanations of the measures and the colors of the dashboards to quantify Spring Training performance of the combatants in both the position player and pitching battles in these two links.   

The dashboard includes today's game against the Pirates.

I indicate the players who were cut in italics and the day they were cut by the MiLB indication.  This is the last time these dashboards will have dates, because they are getting too long.  Next edition will have them compressed and only the active combatants will be listed.  In addition, WBC game results are included for the relevent players (Beresford, Butera, Colabello, Deduno)

This is it.  The final 2.5 week of Spring Training where competition gets better and battles get fiercer.  I will be in Florida and Fort Myers for the largest part of the next two weeks, so expect some exclusive coverage on the Twins major and minor leaguers from the Spring Training site.
Here is the position player dashboard:

Few Observations:

  • Aaron Hicks has won the CF starting job; whether the Twins' brass let him have it, is it still up for grabs
  • Aaron Hicks has taken the lead for the Center Field starter position
  • The other 2 OF positions (RF and bench) are still wide open, with Darin Mastroianni returning strong from his hamstring injury and Wilkin Ramirez performing consistently well and steadily leading Chris Parmelee who improved a bit but still trailing. 
  • The infield battle and the bench battles are wide open.  Butera, Colabello and Olmedo have been sightly better than the rest and all three would be potentially battling for that last roster spot.

Here is the pitcher dashboard:

Few Observations:

  • Cole DeVries , Samuel Dedouno, PJ. Walters and Pedro Hernandez are all making a case for the one or two starting positions open, while Liam Hendriks is trailing pretty badly.  Of these pitchers, the ones who do not make the rotation, still will have a chance for a long reliever position.
  • Alex Burnett has not had a single good appearance this spring and I just cannot see how he can make the team if he does not change this pretty quickly.
  • Tyler Robertson have turned it around this week with several good appearances and after the cuts is the only lefty reliever left (other than the locks Duensing and Perkins)
  • Ryan Pressly and  Tim Wood (other than a single horrible game) have been good and I  think they have one foot in the opening day roster.
  • Josh Roenicke, Luis Perdomo and Casey Fien had ups and downs,and all are probably fighting for the last bullpen spot.