December contest and new contest

Last month it was the first of the contest series in this spot. The challenge question was "Predict the moves that the Twins' front office will make by the end of December". Unfortunately, nobody predicted the moves that the Twins did in December: Sign RA Dickey, picking up Jason Jones and Henry Arias in the rule 5 draft and signing 4 minor league free agents.

I thought about declaring the winner as the first person that responded (Twins Territory), but for fairness' sake, I am doing this:

I am having a new contest and the time frame is longer

The question is the same:

Predict the moves that the Twins' front office will make

but the end point is by opening day.

The scoring rules are:

  • 3 points for each correct major league player move (i.e. if someone says that the Twins trade Perkins and Span for Beltre, he or she will get 9 points)

  • 1 point for each minor league move and roster addition or subtraction

  • All players in the moves need to be identified correctly to receive points (e.g. "the Twins will acquire a relief pitcher", will receive no points)

  • Dollar amounts of contracts are not necessary

  • If no moves are made the first person that says "no moves" wins

The price?

4 prices actually (because I have 4 extras of them):

The people with the best four scores will each win a a copy of one of the best minor league publications for the Twins, the Minnesota Twins Prospect Handbook - 2009, by Seth Stohs of SethSpeaks.net a major authority in the Twins' blogosphere, personally autographed by Seth himself.

Again, you have to post the answer at the comments in this entry and cannot be anonymous for fairness. One answer for each person, so think before you post.

Get a friend or two to participate too :)

good luck!


Seven things I want to see in 2009

  1. The Vikings winning the Super Bowl

  2. The Twins get a real third baseman or at least banish Buscher to the minors

  3. The Twins get a starting pitcher and trade Perkins for that aforementioned third baseman

  4. Delmon Young wins the MVP award

  5. Kevin Slowey wins the Cy Young award

  6. Boof Bonser wins the Rolaids award as set up man extraordinaire

  7. The Twins sweep the Yankees to advance to the ALCS, sweep the Angels to advance to the World Series and beat the Cubs 4-3 winning all the games in the dome


Five (free) things to do while waiting for spring training

  1. Are you missing your advent calendar and those little chocolates hiding behind it's pockets? Go daily to Josh Johnson's blog for a countdown of his Twins' top 50 prospects compete with profiles and information. Sweeter than chocolate

  2. Can't live without daily stats and box scores? Ease your withdrawal by following the Twins organization players performance in the winter leagues

  3. Give yourself a head start for the world baseball classic by going here reading about international baseball and marvel at the popularity of a sport that ten years ago was primarily a Western Hemisphere and Eastern Asian sport. Learn all about teams such as the Ă“buda Brick Factory and the Danesi Caffe' Nettuno

  4. Do you feel that the hot stove have been fairly tepid lately? Keep weekly track of the minor league transactions here

  5. Last but not least: Root for the Vikings all the way to a Super Bowl victory and follow their daily events and player news at Access Vikings and Kevin Seifert's blog


Congratulations NFC North Champs!

Playoff Predictions:

Vikings over Eagles
Arizona over Atlanta

Vikings over Carolina
Arizona over Giants

Vikings over Arizona

Indianapolis over San Diego
Dolphins over Ravens

Indianapolis over Titans
Steelers over Dolphins

Steelers over Colts

Vikings over Steelers