Good luck to the new Twins baseball leaders and a piece of advice

A lot of Twins fans have not realized it, after a season with the worst record losses, since the franchise moved to Minnesota, 103, but this week signified too major events for the Twins:

  • The start of the 2016-2017 off-season that finds them tied in the first place in the AL Central with a .500 record
  • The start of a brand new baseball leadership in the faces of Derek Falvey as the first ever Twins' Chief Baseball Officer and Thad Levine as the Twins Senior VP and General Manager.  And, even more importantly, this is the first time that the Twins have hired their baseball leadership from outside the organization, since 1986 when Andy MacPhail, replaced (for practical purposes) Calvin Griffith, as the Twins baseball leader.

Hope runs high and I want to wish the new Twins' leadership good luck, and offer a single piece of advise:

Please do not assume, because the bar is so low and that hope runs high, that the Twins' fan base does not have high expectations.  As a matter of fact, some of us are setting the bar not at the level of who you are replacing, but at the level of what happened the first time new blood infused the franchise.  And that is a very high bar, set at the level of 2 World Championships in 4 seasons.

What would be your one piece advise to the new Twins' baseball leaders, along with your well wishes?