Twins Trade Talk 2012: July 28

This continues the dialy trade talk updates for the Twins and of action around the league that influences the Twins trade moves, up until the deadline. You can find all the older updates here, in reverse chronological order. Here is the Twins Trade Talk the past 24 hours or so:
  • Ben Goessling of the Pioneer Press reports that Twins' interim General Manager, Terry Ryan, "is making and taking calls". This is the first time that it was reported that Ryan is making calls, i.e. actively shopping Twins' players. In the same piece the names of the usual suspects (Justin Morneau, Fransisco Liriano, Josh Willingham and Denard Span) are mentioned without being linked to suitors. Also mentioned is that the Twins will be looking to get "hard-throwing arms" with a "high-upside" in return.
  • Interesting article here in the Chicago Tribune from the Cubs' perspective, but suggests that it might starting to be a buyers' market for Starting Pitchers, which does not bode well for the Minnesota Twins and Fransisco Liriano. On the other hand, Chigaco's own Matt Garza is shut down with a triceps situation, which might take one pitcher off the market at the deadline.
  • Phil Mackey connects the Atlanta Braves, who were shun by Ryan Dempster, with Fransisco Liriano. Over at the ESPN rumor central, they have Liriano linked to: St. Louis Cardinals, Los Angeles Angels, Los Angeles Dodgers, Washington Nationals, Texas Rangers, Cincinnati Reds and Baltimore Orioles. In other words, half the league is after Liriano.
  • Jim Bowden indicates that the Cincinnati Reds are "chasing" Denard Span, among others.
  • Here is a name not mentioned before: Glen Perkins. John Morosi tweets that there have been "heavy interest" and that the Twins' price is "very high"
  • Jason Start reiterates that Justin Morneau is available

Any of these guys will be still be wearing Twins' uniforms for the 7:10 PM CDT game on July 31st?


Twins Trade Talk 2012: July 27

This continues the dialy trade talk updates for the Twins and of action around the league that influences the Twins trade moves, up until the deadline. You can find all the older updates here, in reverse chronological order. Here is the Twins Trade Talk the past 24 hours or so:
  • Jon Heyman reports that the Baltimore Orioles are looking into Fransisco Liriano. Meanwhile Jason Stark reports that the Orioles are "all but out of the rent a picher business, unless the price is too cheap to turn down", which does not make it a match for Liriano. Welcome to trade deadline conflicting talk.
  • Apparently a week after the interim GM Terry Ryan said that the Twins are listening on anybody, an "annoyed Twins' person", as Jon Heyman tweets contradicts his interim GM as far as trading Josh Willingham goes.
  • David O'Brien at the Altanta Journal and Costitution writes that the Atlanta Braves have not pursued Fransisco Liriano
  • Joel Sherman suggests that the Twins hope that Carl Pavano and Matt Capps are healthy enough to move them this August in a waiver deal.


Twins Trade Talk 2012: July 26

This continues the dialy trade talk updates for the Twins and of action around the league that influences the TWins trade moves, up until the deadline. You can find all the older updates here, in reverse chronological order. Here is the Twins Trade Talk the past 24 hours or so:
  • Add another team to the list of teams interested in Franscisco Liriano: the Arizona Diamondbacks. LEN3 writes that the scouted Liriano along with the New York Yankees, Chicago Cubs, Detroit Tigers, Cincinnati Reds and Toronto Blue Jays last Tuesday. Cubs? Maybe they were scouting someone else.
  • Some interesting bits from Jason Stark's latest. He says that the Twins are looking for "a young ready to go" starter for everyone they trade. Also he indicates that Fransisco Liriano is "guaranteed" to be traded, probably after his next start. He also ranks what the Twins want in return for their position players as: a. Josh Willingham ("so expensive, it made me laugh"), b. Denard Span ("more pricey") c. Justin Morneau ("pricey"). Also indicates that the Twins do not want to pay for any of the $19 Million Morneau is owed, in a trade. In the same piece, he indicates that the Los Angeles Dodgers have talked to the Twins about Morneau. Meanwhile, Bob Nightengale says that the Dodgers will add a bat and a starter.
  • Ken Rosenthal mentions that the Cincinnati Reds have been looking at Denard Span, but the price seems to be high and they might have to look at rentals instead.


Twins Trade Talk 2012: July 25

This continues the dialy trade talk updates for the Twins and of action around the league that influences the TWins, up until the deadline. You can find all the older updates here, in reverse chronological order. Here is the Twins Trade Talk the past 24 hours or so:
  • According to Adam Kilgore of the Washington Post, the Washington Nationals had internal discussions about Jamey Carroll and other middle infielders. It seems that they will be making a move soon.
  • From the is Josh Willingham available front: Ken Rosenthal tweets that a General Manager says that he is available but the Twins really want a lot for him (which is a good thing).
  • Take another team off the Fransisco Liriano sweepstakes. The Pittsburgh Pirates are close to closing a deal with the Astros for Wandy Rodriguez. The Astros get Rudy Owens, a 24 year old LHP who is repeating AAA this season and is 8-5 with 3.14 ERA and 1.168 WHIP, 6.5 K/9 and 3.4 K/BB)Robbie Grossman a 22 year old toolsy CF who is hitting .262/.374/.403 with 7 HRs in AA and Colton Cain a 21 year old LHP who is pitching in high A with 4.20 ERA, 1.240 WHIP, 6.1 K/9 and 2.04 K/BB. Not top 100 prospects and only Grossman was on BA's list of the Pirates' top 10 prospects at number 8.
  • The extension agreement of the Philadelphia Phillies with Cole Hamels this morning takes another LHSP off the market, thus increasing Fransisco Liriano's value both to the Twins as a trade chip and to himself as a free agent this off-season.


Twins Trade Talk 2012: July 24

Here is the Twins Trade Talk the past 24 hours or so:
  • Ken Rosenthal suggests that the Carlos Quentin and Edwin Encarnacion contract extensions (for 3 years at about $10 million per with all incentives), make Josh Willingham more desirable (he still has 2+ years at just $7 million per) but he suggest that Twins will have a high price and "would want a major return". Jon Heyman reiterrates that the Twins are not in a hurry to trade him but also says that if they change their mind, there will be a "mile long" line of suitors. Jon Morosi also indicates that the "Twins have yet to put" him on the trade market
  • With Ryan Dempster to the Atlanta Braves trade (which is still pending Dempster's approval), 3 things are happening that involve the Twins: a. The Atlanta Braves are no longer a suiter for Fransisco Liriano b. Fransisco Liriano will likely be the next Domino to fall in the SP market (according to Ken Davidoff who correctly reported before it happend that Dempster will be the first.) Given that one of the Braves' top pitching prospects, 22 year old Panamanian Randall Delgado, who pitched in the majors this season and last and was rated 46th top prospect in baseball this year and 35th last year by Baseball America, involved in the return package to the Cubs, expect a similar or better return for Liriano. And c. The Washington Nationals that are 3.5 games ahead of the Braves would like to improve also. The have been associated with Denard Span and Fransisco Liriano in the past.
  • Speaking of returns on pitchers, the Miami Marlins trade Anibal Sanchez and Omar Infante to the Detroit Tigers for 22 year old Jacob Turner RHSP #22 BA prospect, 22 year old C Rob Brantly with a .311/.359/.461 line in AA and now in AAA, and 22 year old LHSP Brian Flynn who just went to AA. They also swapped compensatory picks (a first in MLB). Sanchez and Infante is pretty much the equivalent of Fransisco Liriano and Alexi Cassila... Pretty good return.
  • Heyman reports that the New York Yankees have talked to the Twins about Denard Span, but "did not like the price in prospects", so they went the Ichiro Suzuki way, which cost them the equivalent of Jeff Manship (D.J. Mitchell) and a guy they picked off waivers a couple weeks ago (Danny Farquhar; now try to pronounce that last name with a New York accent...)
  • Jon Morosi reports that the Los Angeles Angels like Liriano and he is quoting former Twins' Centerfielder Torii Hunter, in support. Also lists Texas Rangers, Detroit Tigers, Baltimore Orioles, Washington Nationals and Atlanta Braves as teams looking for SP, without knowing whether they are interested in Liriano. You can cross the Braves off the list now.
  • The Justin Morneau to the Los Angeles Dodgers rumours that started yesterday in LA, are rehashed in the Twin Cities today. Tim Brown writes that the Twins are having discussion about Morneau but they are asking the other teams for an existing major leaguer in return plus to take his full contract. Hard to believe that they would want a major leaguer in return, based on what Terry Ryan has been saying publicly.

Random Tuesday Twins Thoughts and Tidbits

Here is this week's installment, heavily influenced by the upcoming trade deadline:
  • I decided to give daily trade talk updates for the Twins, up until the deadline. You can find them all from newer to older here. Look for today's version to be up soon.
  • One of the most intriguing names that were thrown around as a possible return for Fransisco Liriano is Garrett Richards, of the Angels. He did not break through yet, but he has Verlander-like stuff, and he is 24. Verlander was an average pitcher (look at WHIP not Wins) before his age 26 season or so.
  • Danny Lehmann and Shairon Martis were promoted to Rochester from New Britain, Matt Summers, Jonathan Goncalves and Clint Dempster promoted from Beloit to Ft. Myers. Mason Melotakis and Zack Jones promoted from Elizabethton to Beloit. Kennys Vargas after serving his 50 day suspension, started the season in Beloit (and promptly hit a home run at his first plate appearance.) Andrew Ferreira was assigned to Elizabethton while Rene Tosoni went to New Britain through a rehab with the Miracle after starting the season in Rochester.
  • The Twins' released AA RHP Brad Jacobson last Wednesday from New Britain
  • When Ryan Doumit started at LF in a day game last Thursday against the Orioles, it mark the first time he ever played the position in an official game in professional baseball. He had never played a game in the LF in the Majors or the Minors.
  • The Twins have spend $6.7 million more for bonuses for 2012 rule 4 draftees than they did in 2011. A total of $12.6 million
  • Congratulations to Samuel Deduno for his first MLB win on Sunday against the Kansas City Royals
  • Jeff Manship was named International League Pitcher of the Week for last week. He was 2-0 in 2 starts (12 IP) and had a 2.25 ERA. He will be out of options next season and the Twins need to make a decision on him, since he has not pitched well in 3 bried stints in the majors. I would not be surprised if he is added to a trade this coming week.
  • Don't look, but very quietly Darrin Mastroianni is putting better numbers than both Ben Revere and Denard Span. He is hitting .276/.353/.421 with 2 HRs and 9 SB (as many as Span) in just 86 PAs. He should be part of the discussion for a starting job as Span's replacement when traded and possibly a part of the Twins' future OF. He is just 26 (same age as Trevor Plouffe.) At least he earned a bit more playing time. Would be interesting to see more Revere/Span/Mastroianni lineups, with Willingham at DH, Doumit at C and Mauer at 1B (at least until Span gets traded.)
  • I would not be surprised if Carl Pavano hangs his cleats, revealing that he would need surgery on his injured shoulder, some time soon
  • Not Twins' related, but, darn, this is a darn good article about Mike Lynn (and if you don't know who Mike Lynn is, you better read)
  • The Twins' product of the week is the Minnesota Twins Sportula. A perfect accessory for the grilling season. Big Twins' logo grill spatula with an integrated bottle opener on the handle... A must have.
The parting shot today is of the guy in the Kansas City game. Yeah in the game when the Twins were wearing blue Dickies overalls for uniforms. Which guy? That guy:


Twins Trade Talk 2012: July 23

With the non-waiver trade deadline just 8 days or so away, I decided to have a pretty much daily look at the talk surrounding the Minnesota Twins' activity in the trade market.  To do this, I need to do establish a "baseline" of what is already been reported.  So I am listing (with public sources) the players who have been mentioned in trade talks and the teams linked to them.  From tomorrow on, the news will be posted as they come on a daily or so basis.  I am excluding players currently in the DL, even though they have been mentioned in trade talks, like Carl Pavano and Matt Capps.  Here is the list:

Denard Span: New York Yankees (apparently the Yankees have asked and think that the "Twins are asking too much" for Span. Also, in the same piece is listed that the Twins would rather trade Span than Willingham), Washington Nationals, Florida Marlins (mainly due to previous interest.) Cincinnati Reds (also the Nationals are mentioned in this Twins Cities' reference.) Also this Cincinnati reference mentions the Reds as suitors.

Fransisco Liriano: Cleveland Indians, Los Angeles Angels, Toronto Blue Jays, Washington Nationals, Boston Red Sox, New York Yankees (scouted him), New York Mets, Atlanta Braves, San Diego Padres, Cincinnati Reds. Several of these teams listed here as "believed to have interest in him and here. Here says that there are "8-10" teams interested in him, without naming names.

Josh Willingham: Los Angeles Dodgers (reported that they "checked" on him)

Justin Morneau: Los Angeles Dodgers, Toronto Blue Jays (most recently in this piece that also lists the Boston Red Sox and Cincinnati Reds.