MLB players are "outraged" about some of their colleagues being on steroids? Think again.

Just a quick thought that came to me after I saw Nelson Cruz hit a long home run against the Twins tonight. 

After the whole Biogenesis "scandal" situation, a whole bunch of players adamantly were on record saying that they are totally on board with the suspensions and how horrible it is for players to do steroids and cheat and all that jazz.

Put your money where your mouth is then MLB players who do not like your colleagues who do steroids (and cheat another of your colleagues out of a paycheck potentially) : You bean someone who bunts or steals a base in a blow out game, but you pitch to players proven to have used steroids. 
"Unwritten Rules". 

Please.  Let me know how can Nelson Cruz or Jhonny Peralta and company are not being held accountable (i.e. retaliation) for what they are doing, compared to someone who was admiring a long ball he hit at a plate.


And if the MLB players wanted to clear that mess up, they could.  Just write some more unwritten rules...