Thoughts from today's game

The Twins lost 5-1 in Liriano's return to the majors. I did not watch the game, just followed it on the mobile version of mlb's gameday. Here are some thoughts for the game, the next series and the season:

  • Liriano had a rough outing, but he can work the kinks out. He is already pitching better than Buherle and Sabathia and it was very cold. It has been reported that the problem was fastball location.

  • Batting is an issue. I hope that in the Detroit series, Mornoe is in every game replacing Span, because he needs at bats and he has a bone to pick with them. Gomez would be very successful bunting against this defense so I hope he is there every day

  • The Twins are in a good place. They are a game ahead of Cleveland and 4 ahead of Detroit with an overall .500 record. Last year they were 9-9 against both KC and CHW and this year they are 4-2 and 1-1 against them, respectively

  • Redmond, Span & Punto do not belong in the bigs, neither does Rincon. Smith should be on the phone to bring in a bat, and one of Korecky, Mulvey & Swarzak to the bullpen

Twins MVP: Bass


lookatthosetwins said...

I don't understand how you can say Redmond doesn't belong in the bigs. Good hitting catcher's are hard to come by, and a back-up whos ops for the last 3 seasons is about .730 is a luxury few teams have. He also seems to be a good clubhouse guy and handle pitchers well. I do agree that span is probably the worst right fielder in the league and punto is wasting a bench spot as a back-up back-up middle infielder.

thrylos98 said...

The issue I have with Redmond is that he is way overmatched at the plate. He cannot turn a breaking pitch and now can't catch up to an 85 mph fastball...
I agree about his good presence in the clubhouse, but this team is really hurting at the plate and if Gardy insists in keeping 12 pitchers the Twins cannot afford to have 3 non-hitting parts on the bench...