Today's game notes

  • Back watching the game from mlb.tv... For some reason Gardenhire decided to leave Monroe out again, in favor of Span. I hope he does not regret the move. Also, with Guillen on 1st having hamstring issues and Cabrera on 3rd being Cabrera, I expect Gomez to bunt in every AB

  • Gomez fouls off the 1st pitch. Bunt to 3rd, foul. Bunts fouls with 2 strikes. Strikeout. Span infield hit to short with broken bat flying over the pitcher. Mauer bunts foul towards 3rd. Mauer grounds to pitcher for a double play. 0-0. Ground out to Morneau, fly out to Span, pop out to Everett, 1-2-3 inning for Blackburn, 0-0

  • Morneau pops to 3rd. Delmon singles down he middle. Young steals second, Kubel strikes out. Harris pops foul behind home plate Pudge can't get it gets an error, single to left, Delmon scores. Lamb singles off the right field wall (that ball looked like it was out), Harris in, 2-0. Everett strikes out. Twins 3-0. Ordonez singles, Cabrera flies out to Span, single to right, runners on 1st and second 1 out. Pop foul to Morneau. Ground out to Morneau, end of 2, 2-0 Twins. 29 Pitches for Blackburn

  • Gomez grounds out to 3rd. Span flies out to center. Mauer walks. Morneau flies out to left. Ground out to Morneau, ground out to Harris, fly out to Span (great play). End of 3. Twins 2-0. 42 pitches for Blackburn.

  • Young grounds out to the pitcher. Lamb grounds out to the pitcher. Harris strikes out, Twins down 1-2-3. Ground out to Lamb, fly out to Span, double to left, ground out to Harris. End of 4, Twins 2-0. 57 pitches for Blackburn.

  • Lamb reaches to 1st on a Cabrera error. DLIE:4. Everett flies out to center. Gomez forces Lamb with a grounder to 3rd. Gomez steals second. Span grounds out to short (close play at 1st). Single to right, fly out to right (great play by Span), double play 1-6-3. End of 5, Twins 2-0.

  • Mauer walks in 5 pitches. Morneau strikes out on a questionable called 3rd strike. Delmon doubles Mauer in off the left field fence. Kubel singles Young in to center, Thomas over runs in, Kubel to 3rd. Third error for the Tigers. Harris sacrifices Kubel in to deep center. Lamb grounds out to second. Twins 5-0. Ground out to Blackburn, ground out to Harris, infield hit to 3rd, single through the middle; 1st and 2nd, 2 outs. Guerrier up in the pen. Hit to the left. Tigers score a run. Two run double to the left. 5-3. Blackburn out Guerrier in. Single to left, batter out on a run down, but the lead runner scores. End of 6. 5-4 Twins

  • Bonderman still in. Everett singles to left. Gomez forces Everett to short. Gomez really disrupting Bonderman, 2-0 to Span. 3-0. Hit and run. Single to center, Gomez to 3rd, 1 out. Pitching change. Lefty Seay in. Mauer walks, bases loaded. one out. Ball to Morneau, single to left, 2 runs in. Young singles to left, Mauer in, Morneau out in a rundown, Younf to second. Kubel up. Single to right, Young in. 9-4. Harris strikes out. Span kicks a long fly ball from Pudge over the fence. Assisted home run. That ball was not going out if Span did not push it... Ground out to Guerrier, ground out to Morneau, ground out to Harris. End of 7, 9-5 Twins.

  • Lamb out to second. Everett doubles to left. Gomez strikes out. Span walks. Mauer grounds out to 1st. Punto in at 3rd. Double to left. Double to center, one run in. Error by Everett, men on 1st and 2nd. Hit to left another run in. No outs. Neshek in. Force out to Everett, runners 1st and 3rd, 1 out. Triple. 2 runs in, tied game. One out. Sacrifice fly. Tigers up 10-9. Triple. Hit down the middle, 11-9. Sheffield fouls a long out to the left and then strikes out. End of 8. Tigers 11-9.

  • Todd Jones in. Morneau flies out to right. Young grounds out to 3rd. Kubel walks. Harris hits to right. Punto flies out to left. Game over. Twins lose 11-9.

  • I can't believe that Gardenhire did not pinch hit for Punto at that spot...

  • If Blackburn stays in the bigs all year, he should be a serious candidate for a gold glove

Twins MVP: Young

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