The Twins new marketing slogan is way out of touch.

The Minnesota Twins after they finally decided to put an end (albeit slow) to the Terry Ryan regime, and the day after they announced that they hired the former player from the malaise era of "almost good enough" of Ron Gardenhire and the Unemployables,  here comes their new marketing campaign.  I received this in my e-mail box this evening:

I get summertime.  I do.  But "memories"?  Really?  What memories?  It has been a full 25 years since memories of the Twins' performance on a ballpark were worthwhile.  

On the other hand, the person who came up with the Twins' new marketing slogan was likely not born then... 



gil4 said...

I'd be a bit more charitable and say it has been 6 years since the Twins were worth remembering (rather than 25), but that's still way too long. They should focus on beer specials to help people forget 2016 and 2014.

writerjoel said...

Do they really want us to remember this stuff...and what kind of gift is it to give to someone.

Fire the marketing department!