Glen Perkins' Second Half by the Numbers

Glen Perkins, the Twins' closer has had a very trying second half.  Here are some metrics to put his second half in perspective.  I am indicating his 2015 second half numbers, and adding his career second half numbers (as a starter and reliever,) and his full career numbers for comparison and perspective:

Glen Perkins' 2015 Second Half Numbers:

ERA: 7.16; career second half: 4.53; career: 3.79
batting against (all batters) : .351/.382/.658 (1.040 OPS) ; career second half: .275/.325/.474 (.799 OPS) ; career:  .266/.312/.417    (.730 OPS)
K%: 16.9; career second half: 17.6; career: 19.2
WHIP: 1.78; career second half: 1.33; career: 1.34
BABIP: .364; career second half: .300; career: .284
FIP: 6.88; career second half: 4.73; career: 3.87
HR/FB: 21.4 %; career second half: 14.9%; career: 10%
GB/FB: 0.64; career second half: 1.09; career: 1.04

Perkins' second half in 2015 (injuries or not,) is monumentally bad.  As seen here, his second halves are traditionally worse than his first half and 2015 is much worse than his average second half.  

What are the drivers for this?  

  • A decrease in the K-rate
  • A huge increase in HRs per fly ball, combined with a huge decrease in GB/FB
  • Much higher BABIP, which means that balls in play are more often than normal hits.

His FIP is close to his ERA, which means that he is pitching pretty badly regardless of his defense and the BABIP bump is likely because of balls being hit harder.

The Twins cannot depend on him at his point of their post-season drive and should be smart to look for other options for a closer in 2016, with a best case scenario the then 33 year old Perkins being a productive set-up man, which will be in par with is $6.5M salaries for 2016 and 2017. 


Fifty four percent of Tigers' fans want former Twins manager Ron Gardenhire to manage their team

Last week there were some early rumors about the potential hiring of Ron Gardenhire by the Tigers at the end of their season to replace Brad Ausmus as their manager.  Over the weekend, the discussion has been picked up by the main Detroit press outlets.  As a matter of fact, Free Press, in this article has a poll about who the Detroiters want to manage their team in 2016, which has around 12000 votes now, so it is of a significant sample.  

I am happy to report the following results:



Former Twins' manager Ron Gardenhire skipping the Tigers in 2016?

A report out of the Detroit publication Detroit Sports Rag, indicates that "Ron Gardenhire will be the Next Tigers manager", according to "someone in  the organization", and will be announced when the season is over.  Before we all started serious dreaming about Gardy and Andy, ruining the Tigers, further investigation has the same source reporting that the "Tigers are finally going All-in on Sabermetrics", which would be in total opposition to a Gardenhire hire.

Interesting to see where Gardernhire and Anderson will land, but I would agree with the latest headline (not suitable for kiddos, btw) of the Sports Rag. 


Still think that Trevor Plouffe and JJ Hardy might be the same guy

Who is Neal Cotts, and What does he do for the Twins?

The Minnesota Twins announced that they have acquired 35 year old. lefty reliever Neal Cotts from the Milwaukee Brewers for a player to be named later.    They also optioned AJ Archer to Rochester to make space of their 25-man roster.  Cotts is on the tail end of an one year, $3 million contract, of which the Twins will be responsible for about $725,000.

Cotts has played for the Chicago White Sox, Cubs, Rangers and Milwaukee.  All but his September call up with the White Sox, he has been exclusively a reliever.   Cotts has been out of baseball from 2009 till 2012 battling elbow and hip issues:  Underwent Tommy John surgery in July of 2009, had the first of four hip surgeries while signed by the Pirates in June of 2010, failed his physical after he signed with the Yankees for the 2011 season.  He signed a minor league contract for the Rangers and played for Round Rock the second half of the 2012 season.  This is a great read for his health troubles.

One can look at his career numbers, but a player like him, really has two parts of his career and looking at the part before the injuries will not help predict what he might do for the Twins in 2015.   The "new" Neal Cotts, while with the Rangers, abandoned his curve, change and slider, and has primarily become a two seamer (89-90 mph) and a cutter (83-86 mph) pitcher, with his cutter (which he throws about half the time) his most effective and only above average pitch.   This season lefties are hitting .185/.230/.346 (but with a ridiculous .204 BABIP) and righties .282/.373/.466.   For comparison purposes, Ryan O'Rourke's splits are: .156/.250/.250 against LHB (with .267 BABIP) and .167/.375/.167 against RHB.  Add a .333/.395/.385 line against the American League, which includes a .182/.250/.182 line against the Twins, and it seems pretty clear that Cotts should be at the end of the line as LHP options go for the Twins.  On the other hand, as indicated above, Cotts has had success with the Twins this season and last (the Twins were 1 for 14 against him in 2014 while with the Rangers,) and the Twins' Front Office likes players who perform well against the Twins.

But the Twins do not play the Twins. They are playing (Slash line of each team's batters against Cotts in 2014 and/or 2015 in parenthesis) : Baltimore (2014: .429/.500/.643), Tampa (2014: .286/.444/.429) , Houston (2014: .394/.447/.667), Kansas City (2014: 0 for 6 & 2015: .385/.429/.462), White Sox (no appearances in 2014 and 2015), Detroit (2014: .385/.467/.538), Angels (2014: .185/.290/.296), and Cleveland (2014: .222/.222/.333 & 2015: .375/.500/.500).  In other words, every other team the Minnesota Twins are playing the rest of the season, other than the Angels and the White Sox (against whom he did not appear), hit Cotts better than Babe Ruth, Barry Bonds and Willie Mays ever hit regular pitching.

Not sure what this trade was about, other maybe for Terry Ryan to be able to say that he did something.  The Twins clearly have better internal options, including the departed AJ Achter who has held opposing RHBs to a .176/.176/.353   line.   Depending on who the player to be named later is, this trade can be rated from "Blah" to a "Disaster", and really does nothing for the Twins in their pursuit of a wild card spot.


The Minnesota Twins sign another pitcher.

The Twins announced that they have signed 25 year old RHP Nick Anderson, formerly of the Frontier Greys, a travel team with no home, who has only Independent League professional experience and has been assigned to Cedar Rapids to face kids 6 years his junior. If you have not guessed it by now, he is from Minnesota. Brainard. He was the closer for the Grays and fairly successful, but I would have felt that this move was more baseball and less PR, if he was assigned to AA where 25 year olds usually play. Still nothing to help the big team that fell 3 games behind the second wild-card spot.


The Twins add a pitcher and an outfielder, switch minor leaguers, but should target one more player

Currently the Twins are trying to avoid further damage by the current 1-9 avalanche.   To that effect, Terry Ryan replaced Tyler Duffy and Chris Fryer (who was DFA'd)  with AJ Achter and Chris Herrmann.

In addition he went outside the organization and signed two free agents: 30 year old RHP Loek Van Mil, who was traded as a prospect to the Angels for Brian Fuentes last decade, and his claim to fame is that at 7'1" he is the tallest player in the minors.  He also signed 21 year old undrafted free agent Christian Cavaness, who is lefty outfielder and playing at the GCL.

No matter Price or Tulowiski.  Ryan has the right idea.  Van Mil, plus another former Twin can save this team.  Who?

You guess it:


Terry Ryan said that the Twins will do nothing in the deadline. Why are you upset?

After the trading deadline passed and with the Twins' having the league's worst record in the last couple of months and their lead for the first and then the second wild-card position was getting smaller and smaller, there was hope that Terry Ryan will do something to improve the team in the 3 biggest positions of need, shortstop, catcher and the bullpen.

But he did nothing, other than trading the teams' 18th and 25th prospects (and that is from this off-season) for a 30 year old middle reliever with another year of arbitration in the middle of a 4.22 FIP and 1.333 WHIP season (and aided by a .254 BABIP.)

The Twins' fans feel that have every reason to be upset  because of Ryan's inactivity.  On the other hand, they should not be, because Ryan himself said exactly what he was going to do.

“I have every intention of trying to improve this club and find a piece here and a piece there,”   7/31 

The "a piece here and a piece there" should had clinched that Ryan will be up to  his usual dumpster diving

There’s nobody that’s more sensitive about that than me. They’ve done a hell of a job getting to this point, and we’re in a good position, and now it’s my responsibility to help the cause,”  7/31

It was his responsibility, but if nobody holds him accountable for not doing things he is responsible, might well be anyone's responsibility...

I’m aware that one correct move by me could help that cause immensely because it’s going to change that attitude in the clubhouse. I don’t want them thinking a white knight is coming around the corner, because it might not be. But it also is a possibility that you don’t have to tinker with this too much to get us going back in the right direction.  7/31

Here you have it.  Clearly; "might not be".  And you don't have to tinker too much, just get a mediocre reliever who is slightly better that the awful ones that are with the club.  "a piece here"; not a white knight; not an All-Star reliever.  That would be too much tinkering.

And here is the kicker:

“We’re not going to mess around much with this major league team,”    7/31

And he didn't.   True to his word.  And you don't have to read between lines.

It was all there.  Why hope that Ryan will not be Terry Ryan in 2015, since he had been Terry Ryan since 1994 (with the small break of "retiring" to let someone else deal with the Santana and Mauer contract and the Ballpark situation, before returning.)

This is Terry Ryan.  

And unless he goes away, the Twins' fans will not see another parade downtown Minneapolis.   And if the Twins' owner cares about the Country Club more than winning, he should tell the team to one who cares about winning. 


The Twins add an arm and a bat before the deadline

While teams like the Royals have added the 2015 NL Cy Young runner up, Johnny Cueto and super utility man Ben Zobrist (the latter an aspiring Twins' target, along with new Met Tyler Clippard,) and while Toronto, Houston, the Angels all have been strengthening their teams, the Minnesota Twins did not stay pat:

They have signed 28 year old minor league free agent RHP, Michael Bowden, and 25 year old minor league free agent OF, Xavier Avery,  both with some MLB experience a while ago.  Unlike the Royals who are trying to propel themselves in the AL standings with their transactions, the Twins are trying to solidify the Rochester pen and outfield, while further blocking prospects like Max Kepler, Adam Brett Walker, and Brandon Peterson

I am certain that Twins' General Manager, Terry Ryan, does have a plan for the Twins this summer.   Time will only tell, what kind of plan it is...


Three trades the Minnesota Twins need to make right now: Part III

In the first part of this series, I suggested that the Twins trade Danny Santana, Mike Tonkin and Jake Reed to the Oakland Athletics for Ben Zorbrist and Tyler Clippard; and to promote Jorge Polanco as their starting shortstop.  In the second part of this series, I suggested that the Twins trade Tommy Milone and Jason Wheeler to the Phillies for C Carlos Ruiz and LHP Jake Diekman and move Trevor May back to their rotation.   With these 2 trades, they would address their deficiencies at Catcher and Shortstop positions and would add a RH and a LH set up pitcher.   They would also add post-season experience and one of the most versatile players in the game in Ben Zorbrist.  This third trade would be the cherry on the top, not only allowing them to improve both the pen and the rotation and add considerable bench help, but building for the future as well, and it is a blockbuster.   and addressing another elephant in the living room:  Lack of LH power.

Trade number 3:

The Twins send Oswaldo Arcia, Ervin Santana, Casey Fien and Blair Boyer to the San Diego Padres of SP Tyson Ross, RHP Joaquin Benoit and OF Melvin (don't call me BJ) Upton.

 I thought hard about that one, and it can help, but there is a catch:  Other than Oswaldo Arcia (and switch hitting Kennys Vargas)  The Twins do not have much left handed power, so:

The Twins trade OF Eddie Rosario to the Miami Marlins for RHP Carter Capps and Minor League LHP Raudel Lazo

Why would the Twins do it?

24 year old RHP Carter Capps (no relation to you know who) has the third fastest fastball in the majors averaging 98.1 mph, routinely reaching triple digits, leads the majors with 49.5% K%, has a miniscule 1.37 ERA (and even smaller 1.16 FIP and 1.07 xFIP,)  spots a 0.750 WHIP (with an  average .293 BABIP) and has probably the most devastating knuckle-slider in baseball.  Why would the Marlins give him away?  Well... they do not like him.  It might be the delivery.  It might be something else, but they do not like him.  And they do have AJ Ramos and Sam Dyson ahead of him; and maybe for a good reason.  But he is hot.  The hottest pitcher around.  The Twins should take advantage of that.  Raudel Lazo might be a relatively unknown, as he is a 26 year old who just got promoted to AA, but is a Cuban defector who just started to find himself, and on the mount could be Aroldis Chapman's little brother.  Giving up Eddie Rosario might hurt, but with Aaron Hicks finding himself, needing Arcia's left hand power badly, Byron Buxton up and coming and Max Kepler and Adam Brett Walker in the wings, Rosario is expandable.  And you have to give quality to get quality.  Lazo would likely play for Chattanooga in this scenario and would compete for a spot next season.  Oswaldo Arcia would get called up to take Rosario's spot.

Why would the Marlins do it?

They have a huge need of outfielders, with no OF prospects in the pipeline.  Rosario is versatile, will hit, can play all OF positions well and can run well and all they have to give are two players they do not count on for the long run.  Plus Eddie gets to play an hour away from home by plane.


Here is what the Twins' roster would look after these trades (newly acquired or promoted in italics) :

C - Ruiz
1B - Mauer
2B - Dozier
3B - Plouffe
SS - Polanco
LF - Arcia
CF - Hicks
RF - Hunter
DH - Sano

Bench - Suzuki
Bench - Zobrist (rotating to OF and SS and playing 80% of games)
Bench - Robinson (Buxton waiting)
Bench - Escobar
Bench - Nunez (*)

SP - Hughes
SP - Gibson
SP - Santana
SP - Pelfrey
SP - May

CL - Perkins (L)
RP - Diekman (L)
RP - Clippard
RP - Capps
RP - Duensing (L)
RP - Graham

(*) Alternatively another pitcher (eg. Pressly) might occupy that spot.


Three trades the Minnesota Twins need to make right now: Part II

Yesterday, in the first part of this series, I suggested that the Twins trade Danny Santana, Mike Tonkin and Jake Reed to the Oakland Athletics for Ben Zorbrist and Tyler Clippard; and to promote Jorge Polanco as their starting shortstop.   This will address the shortstop and right hand set up positions.  They Twins would need to address their Catcher deficiency and they need another lefty in the pen to complement Brian Duensing, who has been unhitable this month, and his season numbers been victimized by a .448 Target Field BABIP.   I do not believe that 27 year old Ryan O'Rourke with 18 innings pitched above AA, including his current stint with the Twins, is the answer to this position for a contender.   The Twins will solve that problem and the catcher problem in this trade.

Trade Number 2:

Tommy Milone and Jason Wheeler to the Phillies for C Carlos Ruiz and LHP Jake Diekman 

Why would the Twins do it?

Carlos Ruiz on paper is a aging catcher who is overpaid (singed until 2016 with about $12.5 million left in his contract) and under producing (.227/.316/.303 with a 74 OPS+).  However, one needs to look closely at his production:  In High Leverage situations, he is  8/27 with a .296 Batting Average, 5 BB and 3 K.  He is hitting LHPs at a  .276/.392/.448 pace.  He is someone who thrives in competitive situations and someone who makes a team better.  Pitchers love to throw to him.  Defensively he is average, which is not something that can be said for the current Twins' starting catcher.  Jake Diekman, whom I am certain is an unknown to most Twins' fans, will be in his first year of arbitration next season and had some inconsistency and butted heads with the previous Phillies manager, enough to be demoted to the minors.  He will be arbitration eligible in 2016 for the first time.  He is 28.  So what is there to like?   His 96-98 mph fastball, coupled with one of the most devastating lefty change ups in the business.   The Phillies could see beyond his 5.19 ERA and the fact that he allowed 31% of the runners he inherited to score.  His 3.40 FIP, 27.4 K% and .394 BABIP indicate that he is a prime candidate for a change of scenery.  He does have closer stuff.   Giving away Tommy Milone, in addition to being an addition by subtraction, bringing the Twins' FIP leader, Trevor May, back to the rotation, is a cash balancing move.   He is making close to $3 million this season and he will be in the second season of arbitration next season.   Jason Wheeler is a 24 year old LHSP with a career 36-26, 3.60 ERA (3.56 FIP), 1.362 WHIP, 6.2 K/9 record in 96 minor league games, who occupies a 40 man roster spot for the Twins, and does not have much future in the organization, other that a long reliever or bottom of the rotation starter.

Why would the Phillies do it?

The Phillies are rebuilding and they are in full fledged SALE mode, with the upcoming change in Front Office leadership.  They will be saving enough money and getting a couple of young arms who they can potentially plug in their rotation right away and rely on them.  Milone's staff might work better in the National League.  Wheeler is a fastball, slider, changeup pitcher, with fastball being his best pitch and runs in the low 90s but with a lot of controllable movement.   If one of his secondary pitches improves, he can actually be a serviceable starter or a bullpen piece, for a system that is really depleted of prospects.


Three trades the Minnesota Twins need to make right now: Part I

A couple days after the All Star game, the Twins find themselves nine games above .500, and in the midst of a competing season.   The fact that the Twins are competing, might be a surprise to some, but from what I have seen in Spring Training, this team had all the making of a competing team, and I even compared it to the 1987 team.   Like the 1987 team, which would not have won if not addressing them, the 2015 Twins have some glaring weaknesses that they would need to fix.  These weakness are at their Bullpen, Catcher, Shortstop and the Power department.   I will be proposing three trades that the Twins would need to make right now to not only ensure the continuation of competitiveness, but to propel themselves to the next level.

Trade number 1:

Danny Santana, Mike Tonkin and Jake Reed to the Oakland Athletics for Ben Zorbrist and Tyler Clippard.

Why would the Twins do it:

Tyler Clippard, even though he is not a top closer any more, will be a great improvement over the likes of Casey Fien and Blair Boyer in solidifying the RH setup spot in the pen.  Zorbrist brings a glove that plays in every position in the diamond and will solidify the utility role shared by the Eduardos (Escobar and Nunez.)   The Twins should call up their number 2 prospect (after they called up number 1 and number 3,) Jorge Polanco, who is the future and the present of the team as the starter at Shortstop.  The 21 year old has been hitting .300/.340/.399 between Chattanooga and Rochester and his glove is at least as good as Santana's at this point.   Zorbrists and Clippard are 30-something, but are free agents after this season, so the financial commitment is not going to impede any future teams.  Clippard can potentially be extended, if his performance dictates it.  They are not loosing that much in Santana, Tonkin and Reed.  Santana, despite his comet-like 2014, still profiles as a utility player and needs work on both sides on the plate,  Tonkin had plenty of opportunities to prove himself in the bigs, many more that relievers with better minor league record like Anthony Slama, and has failed.   Still has a 95 mph fastball than an organization will find usefull.  Jake Reed has a very good pro career so far, but an abysmal 2015 and the Twins' draft has at least 4 RHRP in the Twins' minors ( Burdi, Chargois, Peterson, Achter - in no order) ahead of him, thus making him expandable.   It will also allow Jorge Polanco to join Sano and Buxton, making the future the present. Yes, the Twins are losing some talent, but a. they need to give value to get value and b. have better talent in those positions.

Why would the Athletics do it:

Other than the prorated $16 million reasons between the two players (about $7.5 M in salary relief), for a team that is not going anywhere, they are getter 3 young players who do have potential.  Santana's 2014 season might have not been as much a mirage as I think it was, and two young arms with high 90s heat and record of success, are more than something to consider.

This is probably the definition of a win-win trade.


Tim Stauffer is not the worst newly acquired relief pitcher for the Twins the last decade, but...

He has Juan Morillo to thank for that (and it is close).   Here is a list of the relief pitchers newly acquired by the Twins who had an xFIP higher than 5, in their first year with the club, during the last 10 years.  The list includes traded players, major league and minor league free agents.

Stauffer has some good company.  (List by decreasing xFIP)

Juan Morillo 2009: ERA 22.50, FIP 13.10, xFIP 9.88, WHIP 3.00
Tim Stauffer 2015: ERA 8.38, FIP 8.61, xFIP 6.48, WHIP 2.28
Esmerling Vasquez 2012: ERA 5.68, FIP 4.93, xFIP 6.47, WHIP 1.61
Luis Perdomo 2012: ERA 3.18, FIP 4.62, xFIP 5.83, WHIP 1.59
Carmen Cali 2007: ERA 4.71, FIP 5.72, xFIP 5.67, WHIP 1.81
Randy Flores 2010: ERA 5.29, FIP 4.74, xFIP 5.62, WHIP 3.27
Eric Hacker 2011: ERA 0.00, FIP 4.53, xFIP 5.47, WHIP 1.50
Jeff Gray 2012: ERA 5.17, FIP 5.84, xFIP 5.42, WHIP 1.54
Sean Henn 2009: ERA 7.15, FIP 6.19, xFIP 5.40, WHIP 1.50
Josh Roenicke 2013: ERA 4.35, FIP 4.64, xFIP 5.30, WHIP 1.60
Phil Dumatrait 2011: ERA 3.92, FIP 5.71, xFIP 5.27, WHIP 1.69
Jim Hoey 2011: ERA 5.47, FIP 5.58, xFIP 5.25, WHIP 1.91
Matt Guerrier 2014: ERA 3.86, FIP 3.92, xFIP 5.22, WHIP 1.43
Dusty Hughes 2011: ERA 9.95, FIP 7.53, xFIP 5.01, WHIP 2.13


Ervin Santana suspended 80 days for use of synthetic testosterone and the Twins react

MLB announce that Ervin Santana, who was the Twins priced free-agent acquisition costing them $55 million for four years and their second round 2015 draft pick was suspended for 80 days for testing positive for PEDs.  He tested positive for Stanozolol, a form of synthetic testosterone, commonly known as Winstrol and used by bodybuilders to increase lean mass.   Interestingly, Stanozolol is available in the US only as a Veterinary drug there days.  It is a schedule III drug, like codeine and synthetic LSD, so the chances of it being in an OTC prep that someone can take without his knowledge are zero.

The Minnesota Twins, in an equally disappointing reaction, recalled Aaron Thompson for the last bullpen role and moved Mike Pelfrey to the rotation. 

This in not a good way to star an expensive four year contract, and I hope that the next CBA empowers teams to void such contract in these circumstances...

Meanwhile, Santana has issued the following statement:

    "Ever since I was a child I always had to work harder than everyone. Not too many people believed I could become a major leaguer. I worked hard to achieve everything I accomplished and I take pride in proving that through hard work dreams can come true.

    I would never put baseball, my family, or my country in a position where its integrity is jeopardized. I preach hard work, and don't believe in short cuts. I am very disappointed that I tested positive for a performance enhancing drug. I am frustrated that I can't pinpoint how the substance in question entered my body. I would never knowingly take anything illegal to enhance my performance. What I can guarantee is I never knowingly took anything illegal to enhance my performance. That's just not me, never has been and never will.

    Moving forward, I need to be more careful on what I consume in my home country, I will be more vigilant of medications I take so that I don't commit another mistake. Having said that, I believe it is best to move forward and accept the punishment that has been negotiated by MLB and MLBPA for my positive PED test. This is unexpected news for me and my family. I am issuing this statement so the public knows where I stand. My deepest apologies to my family, fans, colleagues, teammates and my current employer the Minnesota Twins. All I can do now is continue to work hard, and when the suspension is up, come back to doing what I love."


The Twins 2015 Opening Day Roster is Practically Set; No surprises but 40-man work.

The Minnesota Twins, have announced several cuts, trimming down their Spring Training roster to 31.  They announced that Jordan Schafer won the starting Centerfielder job, with Shane Robertson, backing him up and platooning against LHPs.  They also announced that Mike Pelfrey will be in the bullpen and the 5th starter will be Tommy Milone.   Aaron Hicks, Eddie Rosario, Trevor May and Mark Hamburger were cut as a result.  Also, it was announced that Danny Santana will be the starting Shortstop.  Yesterday Lester Oliveros was outrighti

It might seem as a surprise to some, but from what I have seen during Spring Training it was pretty much anticipated.  This is my guess of the Twins' 25 men Opening Day roster 5 days ago from Fort Myers:

My only surprise was Milone over May,  but by then May did not have his last (pretty unfortunate) outing.  I had argued early and often that Pelfrey was better suited for the pen and that is where he should end up and really that decision was pretty much obvious around last weekend.   Also, I was convinced that Robinson had a  chance for the fourth outfield job (remember, he was a fourth outfielder in a World Series team?)   Robinson and Schafer pretty much outhit both Hicks and Rosario and it was obvious with their play on the field that they were ahead of the competition. 

Still a few battles are left, mainly for the back up catcher and 2 bullpen jobs, but as I indicated then, I strongly believe that Chris Herrmann will win the back up catcher position (and not only because Josmil Pinto suffered a concussion) and Blaine Boyer (not Doyle as in the tweet) and JR Graham will win the last 2 bullpen jobs over the lefties Aaron Thompson and Caleb Thielbar, both of whom have options.

The opening day roster is set, but there is only 1 open spot on the 40-man roster, and Boyer,  and Robinson will need 2.  Pending any trades, I think that Michael Tonkin's, and Stephen Pryor's spots (and even Logan Darnell's, but he is a starter so likely more valuable) are the ones closer to jeopardy, since there are several pitchers ahead of them.

In additon to the major league moves, in minor league moves involving former top 40 prospects, the Twins announced the retirement of C Tyler Grimes (number 38 prospect before the 2014 season) and that they released C Matt Koch (number 22 prospect before the 2014 season), RHP Tyler Jones (number 39 prospect before the 2014 season), IF  Will Hurt and  LHP Josue Montanez