• Liriano's velocity has been at the 90s (93 the highest) and the slider is working pretty well so far. His control seems better too. 1-2-3 inning with 2 strikeouts. Cliff Lee looks very composed in the mount this year, compared to last year. So far, he has carried his team with Sabathia struggling and Carmona landing back to earth. 2 walks for Liriano in the second inning and his control is missing. 2 runs in. Gomez makes a great throw to the plate making an easy run close. Liriano has been very hesitant and he cannot have a continuation in his game. Maybe a Liriano/Mulvey swap should happen until Slowey is ready to come back

  • this is a pretty scary stat…and what’s that stuff on Cliff Lee’s hat bill? Doesn’t look like resin and he never used a resin bag in the mount in this game. Think that it might be that? What was wrong with Casey Blake to make to Twins give up on him? Rincon is pitching well enough to be adequate trade bait. Crain is back, and more than back. His location is great and his off speed stuff is working, too. I think that the cold outdoor games really affected the Twins' relievers last week.

  • Another loss for the Twins. But, there are several more games against Cleveland and last year the Twins were 4-14 against the Indians...

Twins MVP: Tolbert

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