game notes

  • Any questions why Monroe should have been starting instead of Span? Morneau hits another dinger early in the game. Blackburn is putting together a great performance. His fastball was at 93 in the 8th inning. Stikes were the name of the game and the longest performance of any Twins’ starter this season. Nathan is 6/6 in saves and neither him nor Reyes have surrendered a run this season. 3 pitcher shutout, Twins win 3-0

  • Really, cannot feel sorry about Torri's latest predicament; here is a quote from him on that: “I tried to treat myself a couple of weeks ago, and look what happened. The air bags didn’t even deploy. You know, I’m kind of disappointed that I got rear-ended in a Bentley, and they didn’t deploy. I won’t feel safe in that no more.” Life is rough.

  • Every other team in AL Central lost yesterday, so the Twins gained a game on everyone. DLIE number = 5

  • On other unrelated news, the Vikings seem ready to spend their first round pick very successfully this year

Twins MVP: Blackburn

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