Early Thursday game notes

  • Gomez starts the game with his first homer of the season. Liriano walks the first batter he faces with 5 pitches. Bases loaded (2 walks, one hit) one out. Punto froze at the hit to the left side that scored 2 runs. Another walk to load the bases. Another single, another run, bases still loaded. A 2 RBI single. Gardy needs to put Liriano out of his misery and send him to the minors for a while. He just is not productive this year and maybe needs a few months to work the kinks without jeopardizing the big club. I bet the phones is Rochester are burning. Since the Twins do not need another starter for a while, it might make sense to bring a reliever like Korecky or Gomez. Unfortunately Gomez is not on the 40 men roster, which would make Korecky a higher probability.

  • Redmond looks really pathetic at the plate and cannot throw out runners. It's probably the end of the line for him. Two hits from Bass and an error by Buscher make the second inning precarious but a great play by Morneau leaves the As scoreless. 2 consecutive bunt singles by Punto and Gomez to start the third, but Harris grounds into a double play. Kubel flies out. The 2 bunt singles wasted. Monroe has hit 2 rockets in this game, unfortunately they are both about 500 feet high and 150 feet long. Kubel practically runs into Gomez in a routine play. Wouldn't it be better with Monroe there? Bass gets hit hard and hits a batter, Buscher makes a rookie mistake going for a botched double play instead of tagging the lead run and Crain is warming up. 2 more runs score and Bass has 57 pitches in 3.1 innings. Buscher singles in Redmond who had doubled over the 3B line.

  • Bass serves a homer to the first batter in the 5th inning and a triple (underneath Kubel's glove) to the second batter (batters number 8 and 9 in the As lineup), then a double to the third, before he hits the showers, sparing himself of the "cycle". Crain in. Two pitches, two outs. Then walks Thomas and the next batter is out in one pitch. Nice pattern for Crain, whose fastball reached 95. He retires the first 2 batters he faces in the next inning then serves a homer. Span, in for Kubel in right, lets a ball drop in front of him. Redmond gets the first walk for the Twins this series after a hit by Monroe

  • Reyes is in for the 7th and good to see him for more than a batter and facing righties. Retires the first 2 batters he faces, then retires Frank Thomas on a pop up that Harris made it more difficult than it had to be. Rincon in for the 8th. One hit, 1 K, successful inning. Last chance for the Twins. Young gets his second hit of the game, Monroe strikes out, Redmond strikes out, Buscher grounds out to first. Game over. Twins lose 11-2

Twins MVP: Gomez

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