Tuesday notes

  • Another gem of sensitivity by Gardy: In an interview with Pat Borzi, he publically rips Liriano (who is the highest regarded pitcher in the organization), calls him "lazy" and suggests that if he does not improve he should be sent to the minors "as a wake up call". Are those the words someone who needs to regain his confidence on his fastball needs to hear? How wonderful to know that Gardy has Punto's back but when it comes to players from other cultures, he is being continuously insensitive. This reminds me of Gardy's behavior towards David Ortiz, in Gardy's first year as a manager. Someone from the front office needs to give Gardy a "wake up call", before it is too late.

  • Punto starts ahead of Tolbert at SS again tonight. Makes an error. Detroit beat Texas 10-2. Delmon almost hit a home in the second. The stadium is more empty than the Metrodome. Monroe gets an early RBI, then another and Lamb brings him in. And then a homer. Span who? Lamb gets 3 hits for the night. Punto looks miserable in the plate until the 9th. Gomez has 4 strikeouts.

  • Hernandez stuggled a bit, but still kept the team in the game with 4 runs in 6 innings. Good to see Rincon aggressive against lefties with 3 strikeouts. KC lost to the Indians and the White Sox lost to the Yankees. Oakland's outfield is a black hole, everything drops in for hits. Makes appreciating the Twins' outfield so much more. Neshek pitched an 1-2-3 8th with 6 pitches. Nathan strikes out the side, game over Twins win 5-4

Twins MVP: Monroe

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