Saturday game notes

  • Sindey Ponson is starting for the Rangers tonight. Huge gaffe from Gardy last night, not to use Nathan in the 10th, instead of Rincon, cost the game for the Twins. Baker is pitching today for the Twins. Not many news about Gomez (the local beat reporters seem to get scooped by AP), but it seems that he will be out for a couple of days. Tolbert is leading off and playing SS instead of Punto and Monroe is at CF batting in the 9th hole. Also Mauer and Morneau are batting 3rd and 4th with Harris second... Not sure that this is a good move...

  • Two early double plays turned by the Rangers. Mauer and Cuddyer are the culprits. Baker pitches 2 strong scoreless innings with 3 strike outs and only 1 hit. Young and Lamb get back to back hits in the 3rd. Monroe hits a double, one run in, runners on 2nd and 3rd no outs. Tolbert strikes out in 3 pitches. Where is the bunt sign? Lamb scores on a passed ball. 2-0 Twins. Monroe to 3rd. Harris strikes out. Mauer lines out to 3rd. Twins out. Baker gives up 3 consecutive hits in the 3rd. Nobody out bases loaded. That last hit was a blooper in the center that Gomez would have easily catch it. Baker strikes out the next hitter. 0 and 2 double to left. 2 runs in. Game tied. Strikeout. Single, 2 runs in. 4-2 Texas. Strikeout. Baker strikes out the side in the bottom of the 3rd, but the damage is done. 6 Ks for Baker.

  • Futile fourth for the Twins. 1-2-3 inning for Baker. Pitching changes. Twins tied the game in the 6th. Mauer gets a bunt hit in the 7th. Twins score 3 on top of the 7th. Delmon knocks in 2. Twins 8-5. Reyes still in; a walk and a hit. Crain in. He strikes out 2. End of inning. Tolbert looks overmatched tonight. He walks, steels second and Mauer brings him in with a single. Morneau singles. Cuddy hits a 3-run homer 12-5 Twins. Kubel out, Delmon out. Bottom of the 8th. Neshek in for some reason in the 8th with a 7 run lead. Where is Korecky?

  • Bottom of the 9th 12-5 Twins. Korecky in, for his first appearance in the majors. Hit. Walk. Walk. Double play. One run in. Ground out to Morneau. Game over. Twins win 12-6

Twins MVP: Lamb

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