Wednesday notes

  • Late game at Oakland tonight. The Twins are riding a 3 game winning streak and Gardy decides to shake things up by changing his lineup and removing his spark plug Centerfielder, Gomez, for Span and the guy with the highest qualifying batting average in the team, Harris, for Tolbert; meanwhile Nick Punto is still starting at short, errors and 3 pitch strikeouts in vein; but, of course "he helps win games" and would you have any grey poupon? but of course. And yes the Twins are wearing their away grays tonight.

  • Empty stadium again tonight. Interesting to see Span starting instead of Gomez in CF. Miss the excitement that Gomez can provide for this club. Doubtful that the sac fly run would have scored in the second with Gomez instead of Span there. Kubel misses a 2-run homer to the upper deck by a couple feet in the 6th. Harris pinch hits for Span in the 8th and the genius moved Punto to CF instead of Gomez.

  • Bonser's fastball tops at 94 mph and has an 1-2-3 first inning. The weather is colder than expected (51 degrees), which does not bode well for the Twins' bullpen if recent history repeats itself. Boof has a really funky delivery. It's almost like he is pitching from the stretch every time. Not much leg power there. Maybe he is better suited to a reliever role. He goes 6 with 2 earned runs. Guerrier pitches a scoreless inning, then gives up a homer in the 8th

  • Twins lose 3-0. Chicago loses and Detroit wins. KC vs Cleveland is rained out

Twins MVP: Kubel

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