Friday game notes

  • Bobby Korecky has been called up from Rochester, Cuddyer has been activated and Span & Liriano have been optioned to Rochester. This is the first time Bobby, 28, is in the majors making him the 4th Twin to make his MLB debut this season (Bass, Tolbert, Span are the others). Good thing to see Liriano get some time in a less stressful situation to work the kinks out. This year the Twins have 5 other starters, so Fransisco's absence would be ok

  • Gomez bunt hits at his first at bat, steals second (10 SB for the year). For some reason hit and run was on and Harris strikes out at the plate. Mauer walks. Morneau hits a single to the opposite field scoring Gomez. Cuddyer pops out in the infield. Kubel grounds out to second. Inning over. Twins up 1-0

  • Great double play turned by Blackburn in the first. Quick 9 pitch 1st inning. Gomez makes a great catch in the second inning, then another. Where are the Chicago fan pundits who wanted him demoted now? He has another bunt single in the third. Almost stole second again, but the hit and run was on and Harris fouled it. Twice... What's up with the hit and run, Gardy? Fun to hear the TX announcers appreciate Gomez. They compared him to Rickey Henderson... Harris singles, Mauer walks and Morneau hits a grad slam. Nobody out. Cuddy singles. Millwood is really struggling against the Twins. The Rangers are coming back in the 3rd inning. Young has an error, Blackburn gets hit and its a tie game. Then a great double play, runner out at home (Cuddyer) and at third (Mauer). 9-6-2-5 double play. Game still tied. Blackburn strikes out the last hitter he faces. 47 total pitches for Blackburn vs 64 for Millwood.

  • Punto up and strikes out in 3 pitches. Mercy. Gomez looks hurt after trying to bunt for a hit. Harris strikes out. No update about Gomez, but looks like a hamstring or calf cramp. Monroe subs in the field for him. Blackburn settles in for the next inning; still 5-5. Blackburn has an 1-2-3 5th. Harris strikes out for the 3rd time tonight and everyday Eddie is warming up in the Ranger's bullpen. Blackburn gets out of the 6th inning. Hard to play a team with a 7 game losing streak.

  • Eddie Guardado in for the Rangers, Mauer singles, Morneau lines out to 3rd, Cuddyer flies out to center with the first pitch he sees, Kubel grounds our to second. Guerrier in for the bottom of the 7th, then Reyes. Monroe a great over the shoulder catch to end the inning. Still 5 up. Lamb reaches again. Punto hits into a double play... The Rangers' TV commentators are the best so far for the away teams. Lamb has a Billy Buckner moment in the bottom of the 8th, then makes a great play for an out. Double play Harris-Punto-Morneau next. Reyes is pitching way above expectations this year. Top of the ninth next with score tied.

  • The Rangers bring in their closer C.J. Wilson in. Sidney Ponson will start for the Rangers tomorrow against Baker. Twins out at the ninth, tied game. Neshek in for the Twins. One out. Monroe looks great in the outfield. Rangers retired. Extra innings. Detroit loses, Cleveland wins, ChiSox are rained out, KC is winning big. Pithing change. Benoit in for the rangers, Morneau singles, Cuddyer pops up, Kubel flies out, Young flies out. Rincon in. One out, double, walk, strikeout, double. Game over. Twins lose.

Twins MVP: Morneau

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