Giving Caesar what belongs to Caesar

A big reason that the Twins lost last night's game, was the managing of Gardenhire. Specific managing mistakes:

  1. Starting Span in RF instead on Monroe
  2. Keeping Span in the game after the home run
  3. Subing Punto for Lamb in the 8th. In the 9th Punto was the winning run on the plate with runners on 1st and 2nd with no outs. Who do you want in this situation, Punto or Lamb
  4. Not pinch-hitting for Punto with Tolbert or Monroe in the above situation
  5. Over utilizing Guerrier and underutilizing Crain in the pen. Crain last pitched 1 inning on 4/11, Guerrier on 4/12.
  6. He kept both Guerrier and Neshek in too long. With Reyes and Crain rested it, there is no excuse. Also is there a written rule in Gardy’s book that the closer cannot come in before the 9th?

For most of his career, "Gardy" has given a free ride by the press and Twins' management (like not being held accountable for the sub par season this year). It's about time that changes, before this season is lost. He is not swinging the bat and making pitches, but he decides who swings the bat and who makes those pitches. I will be keeping track of his mistakes that cost games for the Twins throughout the season. This archive can be found here

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