Notes from tonite's game

  • Interesting decision for the Caesar, to have Kubel in RF and Monroe DHing, instead of the opposite, since Monroe's career range factor in RF is 1.82 where that of Kubel is 1.00. In addition Monroe knows the park. I hope that it is not another mistake... From the current Tiger's lineup only Ordonez (1.121) has a career OPS higher than .788 against Baker, and as far as the Twins go, only Harris (1.500) surpasses that mark against Robertson

  • Random thought of the day: The team is about $10mil under in payroll. With Everett/Punto/Rincon/Monroe off the books for next year, does a serious run for Manny Ramirez (3 years @ $15-17 mil per year) to be the everyday DH make sense?

  • Unrelated thought of the day: 1st Monday Night Football: Vikings at Packers. Tough schedule, though...

  • Issues with mlb.tv. Gomez doubles, steals 3rd, Harris walks, Mauers FC, Harris out, Gomez scores. Twins 1-0. Morneau strikes out. Young flies out to Thomas. Twins 1-0. Fly out to Young, strikeout, home run to left by Sheffield. 1-1. Strikeout. End of 1. 1-1. 16 pitches for Baker.

  • Kubel strikes out. Monroe grounds out to the shortstop. Lamb grounds out to 1st. 1-2-3 inning. Walk, fly out to Kubel, double play Lamb to Harris to Morneau. End of 2, 1-1. 29 pitches for Baker.

  • Tolbert gets a bat single to Cabrera. Gomez pops up a bunt to the catcher. Tolbert steals second. Harris pops up to right. Mauer singles to left, Tolbert scores. Morneau flies out to left. Twins 2-1. Walk, pop up foul to Mauer, stolen base (ball knocked out of Tolbert's glove), fly out to Gomez, ground out to Lamb. End of 3, 2-1 Twins. 45 pitches for Baker.

  • Young flies out to right center. Kubel strikes out in 3 pitches. Monroe singles to left. Lamb flies out to left in a great at bat where he fouled out 8 pitches or so. Bottom of 4. Fly out to Gomez, ground out to Tolbert, ground out to Morneau. Short order of Sheffield, Ordonez and Cabrera. 1-2-3 inning, 8 pitches for Baker. End of 4, Twins 2-1

  • Tolbert grounds out to 3rd. Robertson way inside to Gomez, then 3-2. Foul, strikeout on a questionable pitch (on further review gameday shows that it was indeed a strike inside). Harris flies out to the warning track at right. Twins out. Single to right, single to right, men on 1st and 2nd. Ground out to Tolbert, runners advance. Fly out to Gomez strong throw, runner stays at 3rd. 2 out. 0-2. Strikeout. End of 5. Twins 2-1. Great job by the Twins.

  • Mauer doubles to left. Morneau homers to left. 4-1 Twins. Young grounds out to short. One out. Kubel strikes out (third one tonight). Monroe lines out to short. Fly out to Kubel, ground out to third (great catch by Lamb and super play by Morneau on the other end) 2 out. Ordonez homers to left. Ground out to Lamb. End of 6. Twins 4-2.

  • Lamb flies out to short right. Visit to the mount. Pitching change. Lopez in for the Tigers. Tolbert flies out to right. Gomez strikes out on a slider way low and way away. Home run by Guillen to the right. 4-3. Fly out to Kubel, ground out to Tolbert, pop up to Harris. End of 7. Twins 4-3. 84 pitches for Baker

  • Harris flies out to center. Pitching change, sidearmer Rapada in. Mauer grounds out to 2nd. A couple of questionable pitches to Morneau called strikes (gameday shows them as balls) and he strikes out. Bottom of 8. Crain in. 94 mph fastball for a strike; then a great 74 mph curve for a strike... strikeout on a 95 mph fastball. Walk. Bad throw on a pick up play. Runner to 3rd. Foul pop to Mauer. Double to right. 4-4. 2-run homer by Cabrerra. 6-4 Tigers. Ground out to Morneau. 6-4 Tigers

  • Todd Jones in for Detroit & a couple of defensive changes. Young gets a triple to the right, almost out of the park. Kubel grounds out to the pitcher. Monroe singles Young home to left. Span pinch running. Lamb flies out to right. Tolbert strikes out. Twins lose 6-5

  • Twins MVP: Mauer

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