Games notes from tonight

  • I am trying a different format. Much less play by play and more commentary.
  • Here is an interesting (albeit technical) tidbit about Neshek, which might explain some things. From Josh Kalk’s excellent site, here are Neshek’s pitch graphs in 2008 and here are those of 2007.
    If you compare the vertical movement and the release points in the 2 years, his 4 seamer (indicated as a “sinker” and “fastball” in the graphs) has been consistent. However, his 2 seamer (indicated as “slider” in the graphs) has been thrown at a lower release point this year compared to last and has much more downward movement that than of last years, which usually results in a ball

  • Good to see a home forecast for a change on mlb.tv. Of course, the anticipated Evan Longoria and Eva Longoria comparison by the announcers happen on the 1st inning. Hernandez' slow curve isn't that slow tonight and he's a bit further away from the strike zone as usual. Mauer has a great throw to get a runner out. Detroit is spanking Cleveland. Sabathia had another bad outing. I called it a month ago about his effectiveness if his contract is not resolved....

  • Kubel is very slow running the bases, for every other Twins' hitter that would have been an infield hit in the second inning. I write that down and then he gets a triple...

  • Good to hear Scott Erickson on the broadcast. How about Bartlett in that 5th?

  • Reyes has a great 11 pitch inning with a K against a righty. Then starts the next inning. Great to see Reyes there for more than 1 batter. Rincon in. Rincon does ok. How sweet was that Crawford boneheaded play with Delmon scoring? Game over Twins win 6-5

Twins MVP: Mauer

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