Game Notes

  • Big excitement over the Royals' powder blue uniforms (sans blue pants); I think that they are a step better than the Padres' UPS unis

  • Gomez fouls out to 1st. Full count to Tolbert. Grounds out to 2B. Full count to Mauer. Ground out to second. 1-2-3 inning. Pop up to Tolbert, foul out to Morneau, walk, ground out to Harris. End of inning, 0-0. 17 pitches for Boof

  • Morneau grounds out to the SS, Delmon grounds out to the pitcher, Kubel homers to the right field. 1-0 Twins. Harris grounds out to 3rd. 1-0 Twins. Fly out to Span, ground out to Tolbert, fly out to Gomez. End of 2 1-0 Twins

  • Span flies out to center, Punto singles out to center, Gomez flies out to center, Tolbert grounds out to second. Boof walks the first batter he faces, sacrifice bunt to Boof, runner to 2nd. Fly out to Young. Error Tolbert (throw high and wide to 1st), man on 1st and 3rd. Strike out. End of 3, 1-0 Twins

  • Mauer grounds out to 2nd. Morneau grounds out off Tomko's chin. Tomko looks hurt, stays in the game. Young grounds out to 3rd. 1-2-3 inning for Tomko. Fly out to Span. Fly out to Gomez. Strikeout. 1-2-3 inning for Boof. Total 65 pitches and a no hitter. Twins 1-0 after 4

  • Kubel flies out to left on the first pitch. Harris singles to right. Span strikes out in 3 pitches. Punto 3-2, walks. Gomez flies out to right. Boof in. Strikeout, single to left, strikeout, hit to second, men on 1st and 2nd. Fly out to Gomez. 3 outs, no hitter broken end of 5, Twins 1-0. 78 pitches for Bonser.

  • Tolbert grounds out to the pitcher. Mauer grounds out to 2nd for the third time in the game. Morneau reaches on a SS error. Young forces Morneau out to the SS. Twins still up 1-0. Hopefully another inning or two from Boof, then Ryes/Neshek and Nathan. Fly out to Gomez. Single to left. Fly out to Gomez. Pop up to Tolbert. End of 6, Twins 1-0. Pitch count 89. Maybe one more inning.

  • Kubel gets an infield single to second. Harris singles to right on a hit and run. Kubel to 3rd no outs. Span singles up the middle, Kubel in, Harris to 2nd. Twins 2-0, pitching change. Ramon Ramirez in to face Punto. Tomko bangs stuff in the bullpen. Punto bunts for a hit. No outs. Gomez up. Big swing 0-1, another 0-2, and another; strikeout. Where is the bunt signal? Pitching change lefty Mahay in. Tolbert swinging strike, then infield fly pop up to shortstop. Strike 1 looking to Mauer, 1-1 low, check swing strike 1-2. Foul. Takes a called third strike. If the Twins don't win this, the goat should be Gardy who did not make Gomez bunt with the bases loaded and no outs. Guerrier in, 0-2, foul, strike out. Fly out to Delmon. Infield single to Tolbert. Another lefty up, where is Reyes? Ground out to Tolbert. End of 7, 2-0 Twins.

  • Morneau strikes out looking. Delmon singles to center. Borderline balk move 4 throws to 1st. Caught stealing, questionable play. Kubel strikes out. Neshek in. Strikeout. Ground out to Morneau. Strikeout. Great outing by Neshek. 1-2-3. End of 8, Twins up 2-0

  • Nunez in to pitch. Harris grounds out to short. Span singles to right. Punto strikes out. Gomez forces out at second. Bottom of the 9th Nathan up. Ground out to Punto. Single to center. Double play, Punto to Harris to Morneau. Twins win 2-0.

Twins MVP: Bonser

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