game notes

  • Cleveland lost earlier today to the Angels, Detroit is playing in Boston (down 2-0 after 2) and KC is hosting the Yankees. Wearing Santana's replica AL all-star bp jersey from '05 and watching the game on the white sox broadcast

  • Gomez walks in 5 pitches. Picked off the 1st base. Harris singlesto the right... Mauer singles to left. 3-0 to Morneau. 4 pitch walk. Bases loaded 1 out. Young up. Ball. Mount conference. Ball 2. Strike. Foul ball. 2-2. Base hit to left. One run in. Bases still loaded, Kubel up. Ball. Foul. Ball 2. Fly out to CF, Mauer scores, 2 outs. Monroe up. Ball. Strike looking. Grounds out to short. Twins up 2-0. Baker ahead 0-2. 2-2. K. One out. 0-2. 1-2. Great diving catch by Gomez. 2 out. 0-2. K. end of 1, Twins 2-0.

  • Lamb pops to second. Everett strikes out. Gomez hits one long way, Swisher grabs it at the warning track left center. Great play; that had triple all over it. 3 outs. Pop up to Morneau, ground out to Harris, 0-2 to AJP, foul ball. Base hit to right. 0-2 again. K. End of 2. Twins 2-02-2.

  • 2-2 to Harris, base hit to right. 0-1, 1-1, throw to 1st, 1-2, foul, hit to left. Morneau up 1-1, hit to left bases loaded nobody out. Strike one off Delmon's foot. 0-2. Strikes out. 0-1 to Kubel. 1-1. 2-1. 3-1. Foul 3-2. Hit to right. 3-0, bases still loaded. Mount visit. Ball to Monroe 1-0. 2-0. High swing 2-1. Foul 2-2. Foul. 3-2. Walk. 4-0 Twins, 1 out bases loaded. Pitching change. Hit by Lamb, 5-0 Twins. Everett forces the runner out at the plate. 2 outs. Gomez doubles to the right for 2 RBI. 7-0 Twins. 0-2 to Harris. Close play, out SS to 1b. Twins 7-0. 0-2 to Crede. Ground out to Baker. 0-1. 1-2. Line out to Baker. 0-1. Home run. 7-1 Twins. Hit at the right. K. End of inning. Twins up 7-1. 50 pitches for Baker

  • Mauer grounds out to the SS, ditto with Monreau. Strikeout for Young. Konerko HRs, Dye strikes out so does AJP so does Quentin... End of 4 Twins up 7-2.

  • Kubel grounds out to 1st. Monroe strikes out. Lamb takes a walk. Everett pops up to 2nd. HR Crede on the 1st pitch 7-3. 3-0. 4-0. Walk. Fly out to Gomez. 0-2. Error Lamb. Foul out to Lamb. Ground out to Everett. End of 5 7-3 Twins.

  • Gomez out. Harris doubles to right. Mauer out to 2nd. Morneau intentionally walked. Young walks, bases loaded. Trip to the mound. Grand slam Kubel. 11-3. Monroe doubles to CF. Lamb doubles to the right. 12-3. Everett flies out to the left.

  • Bass in. Double for the Sox. Infield hit. Fielder's choice, error, one run in. Ground to Everett. Fly out to Gomez. 12-4 Twins.

  • Gomez grounds out at the SS. Harris walks. Mauer strikes out. Morneau hits into a double play. Ground out to Everett. Ground out to Lamb. Ground out to Harris, end of 7. Twins 12-4.

  • Young strikes out, Kubel strikes out, Monroe strikes out. Bottom of the 8th. 1-2-3 inning for Bass. He should so pitch the 9th for the save

  • Lamb looks hurt; he's out. Punto in for him with 1-2. Strike taken, one out. Everett grounds out to 3rd. Gomez fouls a long one to LF, then flies a long one out to CF. Ground out to Everett, double to left, pop up to Mauer, hit to the right 12-5. fly out to Young. Game over. Twins win 12-5, giving an extra meaning to Baker's dozen

Twins MVP: Harris

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