Detroit won last night, KC is surging and Carmona signs long term

7-2 in Boston. Must have been a strange game; Bonderman lasted 5 innings and the bullpen actually held ok for the rest. Sheffield had a stolen base, and the managerial genius is keep having Pudge batting leadoff. KC took 2 out of 2 from the Yankees and the tribe signed Carmona to a 7 year $43-48 mil contract. That is pretty risky business... on one hand if he continues pitching the way he has 7 years at $7 per sounds like a good deal. On the other hand, he might prove another Joe Mays... Since he has 2 prearbitration years, the actual deal is more like 4 years @$11-12 per, which might prove to be pricey...

DLIE number:3

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