Game Notes

  • First game in the KC series away. The temperature is a steaming 42 degrees. Slowey is finally placed in the DL and Liriano recalled for Sunday; I just hope he is not on an American Airlines flight... Willis vs. Contreras in Chicago. What is the record for BBs issued in a game by both teams?

  • 2-0 to Gomez, 2-2, bunts with 2 stikes, out at 1st. Tolbert bunts for a hit. Mauer lines out to the SS, Morneau forces Tolbert out at 2nd. Hernandez in to pitch. Ground out to Lamb, fly out to Span, Hernandez issues his 1st walk of the season, K. End of 1, 0-0, 18 pitches for Hernandez

  • Young walks in 5 pitches. Kubel strikes out. Young steals second. Moves to 3rd on a wild pitch. Full count to Harris. Walk. 0-2 to Lamb. K. Span hit to left, Young scores, Span's 1st ML RBI. Gomez doubles over the left fielder for 2 runs. 0-3. Tolbert singles him home to the center. 4-0 Twins. Mount conference, Mauer up, 8th man to bat in the inning; grounds out to the pitcher. Twins 4-0. Ground out to Harris, hit to left center, hit to left, men on 1st and 2nd 1 out. Fly out to Gomez. Ground out to Tolbert. End of 2, Twins 4-0.

  • Morneau HRs, Delmon flies out to right, Kubel flies out to center, Harris grounds out to the pitcher's butt. Twins 5-0. Ground out to Lamb, hit to center, force out Morneau to Tolbert, 2 outs. The KC announcers are beyond painful. Ground out to Tolbert. End of 3, 5-0 Twins. 47 pitches for Livan

  • Lamb flies out to center. Span up. Strikes out looking. Gomez strikes out looking. Twins 5-0. Strikeout in 3 pitches for Livan. Double, left center. Ground out to Harris, man on 3rd 2 outs. Fly out to Span. End of 4, Twins 5-0. Livan has thrown 61 pitches.

  • Tolbert walks. Steals second. His 1st SB in the majors. Mauer grounds out to 1st, Tolbert to 3d, 1 out. Morneau intentionally walked. Delmon up. Double play. Twins 5-0. Hit to center, hit to left, 1st and 2nd no outs. Fly out to Young. Hit to right, bases loaded 1 out. Guillen up. 0-2, fouls. Strike out. 2 outs. Ground out to Tolbert. End of 5. Twins 5-0. 82 pitches for Livan.

  • Kubel grounds out to 2nd. Harris strikes out on a questionable pitch. Lamb strikes out; 1-2-3 inning. end of 5, 0-5 Twins

  • Yabuda in for KC. Span out. Gomez triples. Tolbert pops at 3rd. Mauer grouds out to second. Seventh inning stretch, Twins 5-0. Livan in again. Fly out to Gomez on the 1st pitch. Ground out to Livan in 2 pitches, 2 outs. Fly out to Span. 1-2-3 inning in 6 pitches, total 99 for Livan. Morneau up, takes ball 1. 2-1. Big swing 2-2. 2 foul balls. 3-2. Walk. Young flies to deep center. Kubel pops foul to 3B. Harris has a hit down the middle. Lamb grounds out to the pitcher. Bottom of the 8th. Crain in. Strike out. Ground out to Harris. Out trying to stretch a single into a double. End of 8 Twins 5-0.

  • Top of the 9th. Ramon Ramirez in to pitch for the Royals, Span ground out broken bat to second. Gomez flies out to left. Tolbert singles to right center, Mauer grounds out to second. Nathan in; no save situation. Ground out to Tolbert. Strikeout. 0-2. Double to right. Note: Gomez grabbed it before Span. 0-2 again. 1-2. Another power outage here... Twins win 5-0. Cleveland is still losing to the As and the WhiteSox are loosing to the Tiggers.

Twins MVP: Gomez

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