Notes & thoughts from today's game

  • Gomez starts the game with a bunt single, 3-4 throws to 1st by Vasquez, steals 2nd. The American League player of the week doesn't even bother to throw. To third with Span's ground out to the right side and scores with Mauer's base hit to the right. Gomez has been sitting next to Livan in the dugout. He would be a good influence for Gomez. At least he has some guy to talk to. Morneau walks. Man on 1st and 2nd, 1 out. Delmon GIDPs. 1-0 Twins. Blackburn up. Swisher doubles to right center, 2 singles in a row. Konerko strikes out. Blackburn has a decent move to 2nd base. Dye strikes out. Pierzynski is up and out to Everett. End of 1-1

  • Kubel singles to the right. Harris sacrifices him with a bunt to second and Lamb doubles him home at the opposite field. Everett pops up. Gomez up. A steady diet of breaking stuff outside and strikes out on one of those on a full count. Twins up 2-1. Sox up. Walk. Pop out to Everett. Fly out to Gomez. Swisher walks. Fly out to Span. End of 2, Twins 2-1. 43 pitches for Blackburn.

  • Span singles to left (his 1st ML hit). Span steels second while Mauer strikes out. Morneau flies out to the deep center, Span tags and goes to 3rd. Delmon strikes out. Twins 2-1. Thome stikes out. Guillen is all over the umpire. Strikeout. Dye gets a him to right. AJP gets a single to the left. Fly out to Gomez. End of 3, Twins 2-1; 61 pitches for Blackburn.

  • Kubel strikes out on a check swing. Harris doubles to deep right, so does Lamb, 3-1 Twins. Everett strikes out. Gomez flies out to right. Twins 3-1. Crede doubles. Single. 1st and 3rd no outs. Force out at second. 3-2, man on 1st 1 out. Ground out to Everett (great play by Everett). Thome strikes out. Twins up 3-2; 81 pitches for Blackburn. Bass is warming up.

  • Span lines out to Crede. Mauer flies out to center. Morneau long fly out to the opposite field. Twins up 3-2. Ground out to Lamb, ground out to Everett, ground out to Harris (great diving stop). 1-2-3 inning. Young flies out to right. Kubel pops out to the SS. Harris strikes out. End of inning. Guerrier in for the bottom of the inning. Strikeout. Pop out to Lamb. 2 out walk. Line out to Lamb. End of 6, twins 3-2

  • Lamb fouls out on the 1B side. Everett strikes out. Gomez strikes out. Guerrier still in. Fly out to Span. Thome walks. Single to center. Neshek in with man on 1st and 3rd and one out. Hit. Tied game. Strike out. Hit to the left, bases loaded. Anderson has a mount conference. Grand slam for Crede. 7-3 Sox. Ouch. Great play by Neshek to Morneau to end the inning. 7-3 Sox

  • Span walks, Mauer grounds out, Morneau gets a hit to the left. Young gets an infield hit, a run scores. Kubel flies out to right. Harris grounds out to the SS. Rincon in. Strike out. Pop out to Mauer. Fly out to Mauer. Sox up 7-4

  • Top of the ninth. Jenks in to pitch, Lamb grounds out to the pitcher. Tolbert pinch hits for Everett, singles to the left. Gomez hits into a double play to the short. Gave over. Sox win 7-4.

  • What's up with the baby blues the umps are wearing and what's that thing in Swisher's chin?

  • Ironic compilation of facts: the day I received an autographed 8x10 of Neshek's he gives up a broken bat grand slam...

Twins' MVP: Lamb

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