Back to the scheduling programming...

After the Joe Crede parenthesis, back to scheduled programming. It is amazing how fast the first game of Spring Training is coming upon us and I have quite a few things to do here before the season starts, so this is what to expect from this blog during spring training:

  • As I indicated last week, this week I will start a series of articles (probably 3, the the first one coming later tonight) about Money and the Twins, mainly looking at how much they are spending, why, and how much more they could be spending (hint: the future looks bright)

  • I got to finalize the season predictions. Again, like last season, I will use a variety on methods to calculate the predicted wins the Twins will have in 2009.

  • Speaking of predictions, the preseason context will come to an end at the end of Spring training. I am happy to report that they are 4 guaranteed winners already, winning a copy of one of the best minor league publications for the Twins, the Minnesota Twins Prospect Handbook - 2009, by Seth Stohs of SethSpeaks.net a major authority in the Twins' blogosphere, personally autographed by Seth himself; but there is still time to participate, so please do. There will be a new contest starting soon that would take place for a month or so and be over after the season is over. It is all about predicting different things about the season. There will be a lot of categories and the winners will receive autographed balls and cards by current and former Twins' players. The grant price would be an autographed ball by a hall of famer (sorry no Twin). So look up for that and participate.

  • I will be providing summaries on views of the roster, spring training battles and probably a weekly analysis of ST performance. Also, if something happens, like a transaction, I will analyze it. One of the things I am thinking of doing, is profiles for the current team, like I have done for the newcomers this season

  • for the season, I am thinking of doing either series-by-series recaps or weekly recaps. There are so many places that cover the on the field stuff, and I really prefer to do a bit of digging in and cover obscurities, so no more play-by-play coverage :)

Is there anything else you would like to see here? Please let me know. I have been toying with the idea of a chat, but the ones I have seen so far (Seth's, Aaron's, Howard's, Dierke's and the ones at ESPN) look like a set of Q&As. I feel I can do this at the comment section here... I would like to have a chat where there is no moderation (or minimal moderation to filter potentially inappropriate stuff), so there is some sort of holistic discussion at an equal sitting by the participants. I have not seen that yet at any place (other that at the Star Tribune blog comments section). So please give me your ideas.

Also, if anyone is interested in posting a guest post here (and I promise that it will be zero editing) please let me know. I'd love to be able to give people a forum to participate in any way they might like.


Marv said...

Looking forward to this stuff.
Even if you only do it weekly or so, I'd like to see a series by series recap. One thing Gardy does do well, it seems, is get his team to shake off a bad series, so one doesn't necessarily flow into the next. That might occur as less true if I were following a series by series recap, but that's how it looks to me at this point.
I prefer the obscurities to the play-by-play. I've learned a lot about this game I've played & followed for 45 years just this year by reading stuff like this.
Thank you

thrylos98 said...

Thanks, Marv, that's a huge compliment!

I will probably do a weekly or every 2-3 series recap. Maybe a series recap. It all depends on my work travel schedule :)