December contest and new contest

Last month it was the first of the contest series in this spot. The challenge question was "Predict the moves that the Twins' front office will make by the end of December". Unfortunately, nobody predicted the moves that the Twins did in December: Sign RA Dickey, picking up Jason Jones and Henry Arias in the rule 5 draft and signing 4 minor league free agents.

I thought about declaring the winner as the first person that responded (Twins Territory), but for fairness' sake, I am doing this:

I am having a new contest and the time frame is longer

The question is the same:

Predict the moves that the Twins' front office will make

but the end point is by opening day.

The scoring rules are:

  • 3 points for each correct major league player move (i.e. if someone says that the Twins trade Perkins and Span for Beltre, he or she will get 9 points)

  • 1 point for each minor league move and roster addition or subtraction

  • All players in the moves need to be identified correctly to receive points (e.g. "the Twins will acquire a relief pitcher", will receive no points)

  • Dollar amounts of contracts are not necessary

  • If no moves are made the first person that says "no moves" wins

The price?

4 prices actually (because I have 4 extras of them):

The people with the best four scores will each win a a copy of one of the best minor league publications for the Twins, the Minnesota Twins Prospect Handbook - 2009, by Seth Stohs of SethSpeaks.net a major authority in the Twins' blogosphere, personally autographed by Seth himself.

Again, you have to post the answer at the comments in this entry and cannot be anonymous for fairness. One answer for each person, so think before you post.

Get a friend or two to participate too :)

good luck!


Marv said...

As I see no other posts yet, I hereby offer, "no moves". Sadly, I suspect that this actually has a chance of winning.

Josh's Thoughts said...

Twins sign Eric Gagne.
Twins trade Philip Humber to the Astros for Drew Sutton.

Marv said...

Thry -
I'm tired of paging through 200+ posts on La Velle's posts just to see what you're thinking. Why not post something about Uggla, as he can be had probably more readily than a lot of other infielders.
Uggla had a higher OBP & SLG % than Harris, Buscher, Puto or Casilla. Actually his numbers (OBP & SLG) aren't that far from Morneau's. What do you think about him?
What would the Marlins want/need for him?

thrylos98 said...


the Uggla thoughts are not new... I posted them here in October:


Back then I was suggesting Casilla, Humber and a prospect. Without taking care the 3B situation Casilla has to stay and I was actually encouraged by his winter numbers...

Humber will probably have to go as would 2-3 decent prospects like Plouffe, Tolleson, Martin.

A no-brainer trade in my book

Marv said...

Thanks Thry - Good article. If Casilla isn't part of a trade for Uggla I would like to see him get a shot at SS. Punto, with his glove and if he chooses to hit .284 again, is a pretty good SS. After all, we signed Everett strictly for fielding. Still I would like to see someone ready to step in at SS if Punto gets hurt/can't hit/etc. If Casilla has trouble hitting, well, SS is a position where we can show patience, especially to a young guy.

Anonymous said...

AM says--
Sign Crede for $3mm
Trade DY for Street
I hope I'm wrong.

thrylos98 said...


please get a blogger ID so you can win... and your chances look very good now :)

yickit said...

Phil H, out of options, stays with club in BP.
Bonser stays.
No Crede. [I might take that back now that the Giants signed Uribe. If Crede goes down to 3-4mil w/ incentives the twins probably will bite - and they should]
D. Young Stays.
Sign Tyler Johnson to ML deal, bring to camp.
Swarzak and Mijras come to big league camp.

Or they stand pat. Who the hell knows what Billy Smith will do.

AM said...

thry, I don't have a google ID...what's your e-mail, and I'll send you a note--I was going to send you some of the numbers I posted on the strib anyway...

thrylos98 said...

AM- gottcha. That anonymous up there was you. Consider the entry received.

my email is thetenthinningstretch at gmail.com