Seven things I want to see in 2009

  1. The Vikings winning the Super Bowl

  2. The Twins get a real third baseman or at least banish Buscher to the minors

  3. The Twins get a starting pitcher and trade Perkins for that aforementioned third baseman

  4. Delmon Young wins the MVP award

  5. Kevin Slowey wins the Cy Young award

  6. Boof Bonser wins the Rolaids award as set up man extraordinaire

  7. The Twins sweep the Yankees to advance to the ALCS, sweep the Angels to advance to the World Series and beat the Cubs 4-3 winning all the games in the dome

1 comment:

Marv said...

1. I pay slightly more attention to football than I do to curling, but yes, I'd watch the Super Bowl & cheer for the Vikings. That would be fun.
2. A third baseman, OK. I just can't get as upset about Buscher as you do. I rather like the guy.
3. Not that much confidence in our minor league guys? A proven starter will be expensive.
4. Go Delmon!
5. Go Kevin!
6. Go Boof. I'd love to see him pull that talent together & succeed.
7. 2009 could be a wonderful year.

Thrylos! Hope all your wishes come true!