Congratulations NFC North Champs!

Playoff Predictions:

Vikings over Eagles
Arizona over Atlanta

Vikings over Carolina
Arizona over Giants

Vikings over Arizona

Indianapolis over San Diego
Dolphins over Ravens

Indianapolis over Titans
Steelers over Dolphins

Steelers over Colts

Vikings over Steelers


Anonymous said...

that is a very optimistic look at the playoff picture. I think the Vikes can go a long way into the playoffs, but they are going to have to go to New York to do it. It all rests on TJACK'S shoulders. He should show enough this postseason to quiet any questions about him. GO VIKES!!!
posted by tmils

thrylos98 said...

Of course it is optimistic :)

If the Vikings win, they go to Carolina. I think that Arizona can burn Atlanta with the passing game and a Giants-Cardinals match would not be a gimme since the Giants' secondary is not that great.