If the history repeats itself...

... the last year in the Metrodome (2009) does not look too good for the Twins.

Here are the records and finishes of all the teams in the franchise in the last year of a stadium:

1903 Washington Senators (American League Park I) 43-94 (8th out of 8 in the AL)

1010 Washington Senators (American League Park II) 66-85 (7th out of 8 in the AL)

1955 Washington Senators (Griffith Stadium I) 53-101 (8th out of 8 in the AL)

1960 Washington Senators (Griffith Stadium II) 73-81 (5th out of 8 in the AL)

1981 Minnesota Twins (Metropolitan Stadium) 41-68 (7th out of 7 in the AL West)

Will the 2009 team break the curse of the last year in a stadium for the Twins/Senators franchise?

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Marv said...

These things average out over time. If the Twins finish the 2009 season at 158-4 then they will be about .500 in 'last year of the stadium' years. Hmmm...