’cause things are fairly quiet now, time to stir the waters a bit ;)

here goes another interesting situation with potential Twins’ consequences:

a. Every team has until March to offer every player in its roster a contract (in most cases for players not going to arbitration or signed to a contracts it is a typical situation: player is under team control, team offers minimum, thing done)

b. Atlanta’s owner, GM and the whole front office after the Furcal situation are in record saying that they will never sign a player represented by or work with the Wasserman group of agents (Furcal’s agents)

c. Guess who is represented by the Wasserman group? Yunel Escobar.

Do you think that he will not be offered a contract and thus become a free agent or do you think that Atlanta’s owner, GM and front office will offer him a contract and prove that their word is worth as much as the Wasserman group in the Furcal negotiations?

nice Catch-19 (Escobar’s jersey number) situation…


Marv said...

To be fair, offering a contract is not a negotiation. Even arbitration is not really negotiation. Would they offer arbitration & then refuse to negotiate, going to arbitration without talking to the player's agent? And once past arbitration, there is no other option but contract negotiation.
I believe the ownership meant what they were saying when they said it. It will be interesting to see if they hold themselves to such a conviction. Is Yunel available as a trade target now?

thrylos98 said...

Agree that offering a contract is not a negotiation; however it is a signing... And Atlanta brass is on record saying they will not sign or deal for anyone represented by Wasserman...

Not sure whether he is available. This off-season will probably run very late this year and meaningful moves will probably be made all the way into March... Things will change by then