Fearless prognostications

'Tis the time of year for that, so here is what my crystal ball says:

Playoff teams:

AL EAST: Red Sox 90-72
AL CENTRAL: Twins 89-73
AL WEST: Angels 91-71
AL WILD CARD: Seattle 88-72
DIVISION CHAMPRIONS: Seattle over Boston in 5, Twins over Angels in 4
AL CHAMPION: Twins over Seattle in 7
NL EAST: Mets 91-71
NL CENTRAL: Brewers 85-77
NL WEST: Padres 88-75
NL WILD CARD: Diamondbacks 86-77
DIVISION CHAMPRIONS: Mets over Diamondbacks in 4, Padres over Brewers in 5
NL CHAMPION: Mets over Padres in 7
WS CHAMPION: Twins over Mets in 6 with Liriano beating Santana in both his starts

Twins' team & player specific:

  • There will be 4 players with more than 20 HR (Monreau - more than 30, Young, Kubel, Cuddyer). There will be an additional 4 players with more than 10 HR (Harris, Lamb, Monroe, Mauer) with Gomez maybe making the cut, potentially making Everett the only starter with less than 10 HR

  • Gomez will break Knoblauch's Twins single season SB record (62, 1997) and challenge Clyde Milan's franchise record (88, Senators 1912)

  • Nathan will break Guardado's single season saves record (45, 2002)

  • One of the Twin's pitchers will have better record than Santana

  • Another one of the Twin's pitchers will have better record and ERA than any of the names discussed in the Santana trade (Hughes, Lester, Kennedy)

  • Gomez will score more runs than either Melky Carbera or Ellsbury

  • The Outfield will have more than 50 assists (had 32 last year)

  • Harris will have fewer errors than Bartlett this year

  • D. Young will have more RBI than Torii Hunter


lookatthosetwins said...

Love the optimism, I myself wouldn't be so bold as to pick the twins WS champions, but I definately think it's possible. I personally think the wildcard will definately come out of the central or west, I just don't see seattle being as good as people think.

Also I think it's more likely that Everett hits 10 homeruns than Gomez, he hit 14 a few years ago...

Just my thoughts

thrylos98 said...


Yes I am optimistic (but it is March :) ) I picked Seattle for the WC because the West will probably have only 2 competitive teams (LAA, SEA) whereas the Central will have 3 (MIN, CLE, DET) and the East 4 (BOS,NYY,TOR,TBD) so I do not see the second team in the east or central with more than 85-86 wins...

I think that it is possible that all 11 starters have more than 10HRs. The think with Everett is that after the 2005 season (when he hit 11) he changed his approach and became more of a gap hitter than a pull hitter. We'll see... Gomez has actually some pop, and he might make it, but I think that it would be borderline