Looking back into the preseason projections

30 games into the season, I want to have a look back into my preseason predictions and see how close I am so far:

AL CENTRAL: Twins 89-73

Check. They are on first place and on a pace to be 87-75, which is more than pretty close

There will be 4 players with more than 20 HR (Monreau - more than 30, Young, Kubel, Cuddyer). There will be an additional 4 players with more than 10 HR (Harris, Lamb, Monroe, Mauer) with Gomez maybe making the cut, potentially making Everett the only starter with less than 10 HR

This is not very close. Mornoe projects for 32 (check), Kubel projects for 23 (check), Harris and Monroe project for more than 10 (check, check) and everything else is not working. Of course it could change pretty quickly

Gomez will break Knoblauch's Twins single season SB record (62, 1997) and challenge Clyde Milan's franchise record (88, Senators 1912)

Check. Projects for 79

Nathan will break Guardado's single season saves record (45, 2002)

Check. Projects for 57

One of the Twin's pitchers will have better record than Santana

Check. Hernandez 4-1; Santana 3-2

Another one of the Twin's pitchers will have better record and ERA than any of the names discussed in the Santana trade (Hughes, Lester, Kennedy)


Hughes 0-4; 9.00
Kennedy 0-2; 8.37
Lester 2-2; 3.94

Blackburn 2-1; 3.52

Gomez will score more runs than either Melky Carbera or Ellsbury

half check

RS: Gomez 17; Cabrera 16; Ellsbury 25

The Outfield will have more than 50 assists (had 32 last year)

Check: 10 so far after 30 games, projecting to 54

Harris will have fewer errors than Bartlett this year


Es: Harris 4, Bartlett 4.

D. Young will have more RBI than Torii Hunter

Not yet

RBI: Young 9, Hunter 20

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