Game notes

  • Gomez starts the game with a homer and sprints around the bases, after a 2 hour rain delay. Harris strikes out looking at a questionable pitch. Monroe strikes out swinging. Morneau grounds out. 1-0 Twins. One out for Livan. Two. Three. End of 1; 1-0 Twins

  • Cuddyer doubles to right center. Young grounds out to the short. Redmond pops up to the second. Tolberts lines to the 1st. Strikeout for Livan. Fly out to Gomez. Hit. Foul out to Tolbert. End of 2 1-0 Twins

  • Punto is out on a bunt, Gomez strikes out. Harris walks. Monroe goes 0-2 looking at 2 "strikes" way inside then grounds out to the SS. Fly out to Gomez, ground out to Harris, ground out to Tolbert. 1-2-3 inning. End of 3 1-0 Twins. Only 28 pitches for Livan

  • Morneau grounds out to the pitcher. Cuddyer misses a homer by a foot; foul. Strikes out. Young grounds out to second. Pop up to Punto, ground out to Morneau. Walk. Ground out to Tolbert. End of 4. 1-0 Twins. 41 pitches for Hernandez

  • Redmond gets an infield hit to the 3rd. Tolbert bloops a hit to short left center. Punto gets a double play on a bunt because he never get off the batter's box. Time to sit down, Nicky. Double play with no outs and man on 1st and second on a bunt. Time for someone to cut Punto... Gomez triples in a run. Harris grounds out. Ground out to Morneau. Hit. Ground out to Tolbert. Ground out to Hernandez. End of 5. 2-0 Twins.

  • Monroe singles to left. Morneau singles to left. Cuddyer grounds out to ss, runners on 3rd and 2nd, 1 out. Young is intentionally walked. Bases loaded. Redmond sacrifice fly, Monroe scores, Morneau to 3rd, Young to second. Tolbert walks. Why not pinch hit for Punto? Punto sends all the runs home with a double. Gomez hits a double bringing Punto in and goes to 3rd on an error. Just a single for the cycle. Dotel in to pitch for the Sox. Harris strikes out looking. Hernandez back in. Ground out to Harris, line out to Morneau. Single. Double over Delmon's head. Fly out to Young. End of 6. 7-0 Twins.

  • Detroit, Cleveland and KC all won. Monroe strikes out. Morneau singles to left. Cuddyer pops up. Young flies out to deep center. Double. Strikeout. Ground out to Punto. Fly out to Gomez. End of 7. Twins 7-0. 84 pitches for Livan.

  • Boone Logan in. Redmond grounds out. Tolbert strikes out. Punto pops out. Bottom of the 8th. Fly out to Gomez. Another. 2 out. Strikeout. 1-2-3 inning for Hernandez. 3 outs away from a complete game shutout. 90 total pitches

  • Gomez hits for the cycle with an infield hit. Harris walks. Monroe singles to right bases loaded. Morneau strikes out. Cuddyer singles in Gomez. 8-0. Young singles to left, Harris in. 9-0. Bases still loaded, 1 out. Pitching change. Redmond scores 2 with a double to deep right. 11-0. Punto triples in 2 runs. 13-0. Gomez up again, strikeout. Bottom of 9th. Flyout to Gomez. HR by Dye. Single. Another single. Action at the bullpen; Guerrier up. Single; bases loaded no outs. 113 pitches for Livan. Fly out to Gomez. Runner frozen at 3rd. 2 out. Ground out to Tolbert. Game over. Twins win 13-1. Complete game Hernandez with 121 total pitches

Twins MVPs: Hernandez, Gomez

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