Game notes

  • Night game at Chicago after an off-day with the Twins leading the Sox with 2 games for the division lead. Detroit is playing Boston, Cleveland in New York (both losing early) and KC is hosting the Angels. Blackburn vs Floyd are the starting pitchers.

  • Gomez worked a full count in the first inning, then lines out. Harris works a walk and so does Mauer. Morneau beats a double play, then Cuddyer forces him out in second. The first 2 men aboard with a gift walk by the home plate umpire and a single. Great leaping catch by Gomez to retire Thome and a great running catch by Gomez to retire Conerko and freeze the runner at third. Hit, 2 runners in. Strikeout. Sox up 2-0, both runs gifted by the umpire... In the day that there is technology to determine whether a pitch is a ball or a strike, there is no need for home plate umpires who can affect the outcome of games by one bad ball. It is time that MLB takes the human factor out of the equation at home plate

  • Kubel grounds out through the middle in a play that could have been an infield hit if he were faster. Young works a full count, then flies out to the right field. Lamb fouls out. Floyd has been pitching outside to the righties and inside to the lefties, which is a hard way to make a living against the Twins. Groundout, single just under the diving Morneau's glove, pitch out on a hit and run, they got him. Groundout. End of 2, 2-0 Sox; 26 pitches for Blackburn (38 for Floyd)

  • Everett grounds out to the SS, Gomez strikes out on a foul bunt with 2 strikes. Harris grounds out. Meanwhile Ortiz and Ramirez hit back-to-back home runs off 2 different Detroit pitchers making the score 5-0 Boston in that game. Lamb makes a great play to get Cabrera out on a bunt. Fly out to Gomez. Thome walks (another gift by the home plate umpire). Pop up. End of 3. Sox 2-0

  • Mauer walks, Morneau reaches on an error by the left fielder. Cuddyer flies out, Mauer to 3rd; 1 out. Kubel sacrifice fly to shallow center, Mauer scores. Young forces Morneau out at second. Walk. Hit. Men on 1st and 2nd with no outs for the Sox. Force out at second, runners at the corners 1 out. Swisher steps on Blackburn's foot at first base to break the douple play and takes a funky tumble. Both players are ok. Fly out to Young, great running catch. Runner at 3rd is frozen. 2 outs. Single, a run in. Fly out to Gomez. End of 4. 3-1 Sox

  • Lamb grounds out to first. Everett flies out to left. Gomez grounds out to the shortstop. Great play by Young to retire Quentin. Another set of bad calls by the home plate umpire costs Blackburn several pitches. He should have been struck out earlier at the AB. Fly out to Gomez. Fly out to Gomez. 1-2-3 inning. Sox 3-1

  • Harris pops out to second, Mauer flies out to center, so does Morneau. HR to the opposite field for Dye; the next 3 batters retired. End of 6, 4-1 Sox

  • Cuddyer pops up to the second baseman, Kubel strikes out (he needs to sit for a game or 2...). Young Strikes out. Floyd has a no-hitter after 7 (92 pitches). Crain in for the Twins. Hit. Base hit and error by Lamb and a fan interference, base hit, 2 more runs in. Still nobody out. Pop up out at foul ground to Morneau. Caught stealing by Mauer, 2 out. Walk. Ground out. End of 7, Sox 6-1

  • Lamb flies out to center. Everett flies out to center. Gomez grounds out to short. No hitter still on with 99 total pitches for Floyd. Korecky in to pitch. Double. Ground out to Harris, runner at 3rd, one out. Double, another run in. Another misserable job of ball and strike calling at that AB. Strikeout. Fly out to Gomez. End of 8, Sox 7-1

  • Harris strikes out looking on a ball outside. Mauer doubles to left center to break up the no hitter. Pitching change. Jenks in. Way to take a complete game shutout off your pitcher, Ozzie. Morneau grounds out to second. Cuddyer strikes out swinging. Game over, Twins lose, but still in 1st place.

  • Is this team going to be a clone of the '87 team as far as home and road records?

Twins MVP: Mauer

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