Thursday game notes

  • KC, Detroit and Cleveland lost, but so did the Twins. They are still in first place and readying up for a four game series in the Dome with Boston.

  • Slowey pitched well for most of the game, giving up 3 runs in 5 innings. Neshek left the game with an apparent elbow injury that I hope is minor. Interesting play in the sixth inning: runners on 1st and 2nd for the Sox with no outs, Guerrier pitching, Konerko on the plate. 3-1 the count, Konerko swings on a pitch, the home plate umpire is frozen, everyone is frozen, the runners advance, Guerrier runs around as a madman tagging the runners, Mauer calls for a review from the 1B ump who says its a strike. A this point the home plate ump allows the runners to advance, Gardy gets ejected for arguing and the blow up doll clown in the Sox dugout is bursting out laughing mimicking Guerrier's tagging the runners. Lousy job for an ump who does not deserve the MLB paycheck and an even lousier job for a commissioner that can stand that fan-bashing garbage in the Sox dugout in a professional sport. If I remember correctly a few years ago Frank Robinson was appointed as a watchdog and was throwing out 15 game suspension for spiting out gum the wrong way. Where is that office when the integrity of the game and its maturity is questioned?

  • The bats were silent today, like in most of the day games away from the dome

  • Looking forward to the Boston series

Twins MVP: Mauer

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