Saturday game notes

  • I do not subscribe to his philosophy, I think he is way overrated as a manager, but I feel for Gardy. Loosing a sibling sucks. No matter if the sibling is 5, 30, 50 or 99 years old. My thoughts are with him.

  • Meanwhile down the farm, Ullger is managing the team and has the brilliant idea to bat Harris lead off and Lamb in the 2-hole. Harris is a much better bottom of the lineup hitter; and both him and Lamb are plugs in the bases. Morneau stole more bases than Lamb last year. Gomez is ready and willing and he better start tomorrow against the lefty-killer Rogers.

  • Ullger looks more spastic moving to the mound than Pat Neshek getting into his wind up. That's a scary thought. And even scarier is that this guy was the Twins' hitting coach for (way too many) years. Speaking of hitting coaches, Vavra seemed to be elated that Mike Lamb got those 2 hits today, because he (according to Bert) worked with Lamb to 'make him stand more "upright" in the batter's box'; as if Lamb could stand more upright (and uptight) in the box, to begin with. Gratz Vavra!

  • Baker's groin re-flamed up again allowing Bass the opportunity to be a hero today and he took it by the ears... Monroe showed why he should play more; and he should. If he does not start tomorrow, it will be a very stupid decision (but that would come from the man who was trying to make David Ortiz hit to the opposite field, so it should be taken with a 20lbs grain of salt or so.

  • Twins win. They are first in the Central and above .500. All is good

Twins MVP: Bass

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