Early Wed game notes

  • Early game today @ mlb.tv with White Sox announcers. The Twins' lineup is the same with last night, which is a good thing. 4 pitch walk to start the game by Blackburn. Young robs the second sox batter from a double. A run scores on a double but Gomez get an assist as he is thrown out at third. Pop up inning over. Sox 1-0.
    Gomez has a single to the left to start the 1st inning for the Twins. Moves to second on a balk. Harris sacrifices him to third with a bunt. Mauer walks in 4 pitches. Morneau strikes out. Cuddyer ties the game with a single. Kubel strikesout. End of 1, 1-1.

  • Blackburn strikes out Quentin, pops up Crede, a single and a ground out. 25 pitches for 2 innings of work. Young flies out to deep right center, Lamb grounds out to the 1st base, Punto walks, Gomez strikes out. Gardy gave the hit and run sign with 2 strikes on Gomez. Duh. Bloop single, double play, 2 Sox out in 3 pitches.
    Fly out. 6 pitch inning for Blackburn, 31 total through 3. Morneau has a 2 out hit, Cuddyer gets hit by a pitch on the back. 2 on, 2 out. Kubel strikes out. 1-1 after 3.

  • Ground out to Harris, strikeout, Quentin hits a solo HR, fly out. 2-1 Sox. Young walks. Lamb flies out. Punto gets an infield single off the pitcher's foot. Gomez doubles in Young, men on 2nd and 3rd, 1 out. Harris brings in Punto with a sacrifice. Gomez on second, 2 out. Mauer up. Gomez steals third and then thrown out at home when tried to score on a bad throw. Gardy up and argues the play. Replay shows Gomez safe. The Sox return the run on top of 5th. 3-3. 1-2-3 5th for the Twins. End of 5th, 3-3.

  • No runs for the Sox on the 6th, 4k and 74 pitches for Blackburn. Kubel and Young both strike out. Lamb strikes out on a wild pitch and reaches 1st. Punto is the 4th man who strikes out in this inning for the Twins. It would have been a perfect situation to pinch hit Monroe for him and use Tolbert on the field... End of 6. 3-3. Blackburn i for the 7th to face the bottom of the Sox order. No score for the Sox.
    Gomez bunts for his third hit for the day. Harris sac bunts him to second. Mauer grounds out to second, Gomez to 3rd. Morneau brings him home with a ground rule double. Cuddyer is intentionally walked. Kubel strikes out for the 3rd time in the game. End of 7. Twins 4-3

  • Reyes in to face Thome. Strike out. Neshek in. Strikes out Dye in 3 pitches, strikes out Quentin in 4. Twins' pitchers strike out the side. Yound strikes out. Lamb strikes out on a questionable called third stike. Punto grounds out. Nathan in. Fly ball. Single (Lamb saves a double by knocking the ball down). Walk. Fly out. Strike out. Twins win. Second win for Blackburn. 9th save for Nathan.

Twins MVP: Gomez

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