Tuesday night game notes

  • White Sox vs the Twins in the dome. Punto starts again at SS and batting 9th. Good to see Gomez back again and on the top of the lineup. I really do not understand the complaints about Gomez. At worse he projects like a Vince Coleman with more power and at best he projects like a Rickie Henderson; I'd take any place in between. He is the fastest player in the majors and he can make plays in the CF no other outfielder can make, included the (not so) dearly departed Torii Hunter.

  • This team needs to score some runs for Boof soon. They scored a total of 7 runs in his 5 starts, a stat bad enough to make Boof run for the border for fourthmeal after each game. He looks like he gained back at least half of the 25 lbs he lost during the offseason. Regardless, he has 2 strikeouts, a semi-intentional walk and an inconsequential single in the 1st inning. His fastball touches 93 mph with decent movement and his cutter has a bite.

  • Mauer has a 2 out triple in the first. The Morneau flies out. Boof cruises through the second. A couple of encouraging signs: Mauers triple in the first and Young's single on the second were hit in the gaps instead of the opposite hit. Young steals second. Lamb strikes out. Boof faces only 3 men in the 3rd, thanks to a great DP started by Morneau. I think that Morneau should be a serious candidate for a gold glove this season. Punto almost makes an error in the 4th but Boof gets out. 4 IP 4 H 4 Ks, 54 pitchers. So far so good

  • Cuddyer leads off the bottom of the 4th with a double. Kubel hits a 2 run homer. Young has his second hit and second stolen base then goes to third on a throw error by AJP. Lamb brings him in with a sacrifice fly to deep center. Gomez has a couple of quality at bats fouling balls close to the zone and letting go breaking balls on the dirt. He had a 3-2 count, working it up from 0-2, in the fourth, resulting in a fly out to the center. Bonser has an 1-2-3 5th with a couple of strike outs (6 for the day). Unfortunately an 1-2-3 inning for the other side too. Floyd has thrown 88 pitches to Boof's 72. Another scoreless inning for Boof, another strike out. 7 total. 88 total pitches through 6.

  • Homer to Crede and another strikeout for Boof. Top of 7th 3-1 Twins. Neshek has a hit and a strike out on top of the 8th; Reyes in to face Thomas. Reyes gets Thomas to fly out to left and Young doubles up the runner on the first base. Double play. Reyes retires 2 batters with 3 pitches. Great defensive plays by Harris and Gomez in the 9th, 1-2-3 inning for Nathan's 8th save. Twins win 3-1.

  • Rochester came back from 3-0 to beat Pawtucket 9-3 at home, in a game where Humber was used as a reliever and was credited with the win.

Twins MVP: Bonser

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