Saturday's game notes and thoughts

  • Watching the KC telecast of the game via MLB.tv. Interesting to see that Mauer moved into the 3 hole. His performance behind Gomez has been exceptional that far...

  • Livan makes his second start for the Twins this year. 1-2-3 inning (12 pitches) with a groundout to the Hernandez (great defensive play on a high chopper) and 2 flyouts to Gomez. Gomez strikes out, Tolbert grounds out to the SS, Mauer strikes out. 1-2-3 inning.

  • Guillen grounds out to Tolbert, Butler stikes out on the slow curve, Gordon singles to right, Oliva forces out they runner Everett to Tolbert. No score, 27 total pitches for Hernandez. Morneau out to the SS, Young grounds out to the 2B, Kubel strikes out. End of 2, no score

  • Gload singles down the middle, Hernandez balks him to second, Gallaspo sends him home with an RBI triple in right center. Gathright sacrifices him home in a play where Young clearly throws Gallaspo out at the plate. Umpire gift run. Out at Tolbert, but 2 runs are in. Monroe walks the count and takes a walk. Lamb flies out on shallow CF on the 1st pitch. Everett strikes out. Gomez takes the first 2 balls and then fouls out behind the plate to the catcher. End of 3, Royals 2-0. Pitch count: Hernandez 38, Meche 44

  • Guillen pops up to Mauer, Butler singles to the left, trying for a double, Young throws him out. Assist for Delmon. Gordon flies out to Gomez with the next pitch. 1-2-3 inning. 45 total pitches for Livan after 4. Tolbert singles through the middle. Mauer takes the first 3 pitches for balls, mount conference for KC, Mauer walks. 1st and 2nd no outs. Meche hangs one, Morneau tatoos it on the upper deck for a 3 run homer. Young grounds out to second. Kubel fouls out to shallow left. Monroe grounds out to the SS. End of 4, Twins 3-2

  • Olivo flies to Gomez in 2 pitches, ground out to Tolbert, ground out to Everett, 1-2-3 inning in 6 pitches, 51 total for Livan. Lamb grounds out to 2B, Everett pops to 2B, Gomez strikes out. After 5, 3-2 Twins

  • Gathright fouls out a bunt to Mauer on the first pitch, 2 pitch ground out to Everett, pop out to Everett, 7 pitch 1-2-3 inning, 58 total for Livan. Tolbert has an infield hit to short. Mauer sacrifices Tolbert to second with a bunt. Morneau doubles Tolbert home to right center. Young grounds out to the pitcher, Morneau to 3rd. Kubel singles to right, Morneau in. Monroe singles, Kubel scores (catcher misses the tag at home), Monroe moves to second. Mahay in to pitch for the Royals. Lamb grounds out to him. End of 6, Twins 6-2. There is enough cushion and he has thrown few pitches so hopefully Livan would have the first complete game of the season.

  • Single to the center, strike out with the slow curve, hit to the right 1st and 3rd one out. Guerrier up in the pen. 2-run double 6-4. Force out to Everett. Out at Tolbert. Long inning for Hernandez, 74 total pitches. Everett grounds out the SS, Gomez has his 3rd K of the game, Tolbert bunts for a hit to the 3rd base side (then changed to an error), Mauer pops up to third. End of inning, Twins 6-4

  • Guerrier in to pitch in a save situation, Punto at 3B. Ground out to Everett, fly out to Gomez, infield single on a high chopper to Tolbert, Reyes up in the pen. Error by Everett, the tying runs on 1st and 2nd. Ground out to Everett. Royals out. Long inning. Yabuta in to pitch for the Royals. Morneau grounds out to first. Delmon singles to right, Kubel grounds into a double play. End of 8, Twins 6-4

  • Nathan in. Ground out to Morneau, K, single through the middle, fly out to Gomez, game over. Nathan's 3rd save of the season. Twins win 6-4. Half a game from the 1st place in the AL Central.

  • A couple season firsts on this game: Morneau's homer & Monroe's hit.

Twins MVP: Morneau

his HR swing:

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