Notes & thoughts from today

  • Detroit lost to Chicago 8-5 (at home) and is now 0-4; the White Sox's win automatically puts the Twins' in the 4th place, regardless the outcomes of the other games; will be rooting for the A's who are playing Cleveland at Oakland later tonight (10PM ET)

  • Glad to discover that mlb.com has the AAA games on gameday play-by-play, so I can follow that while I watch the Twins on mlb.tv tonight

  • About the Twins' game: John Bale who found his way to the Royals' bullpen last year through Japan is the starter. I just hope that the Twins pound him

  • Looks like Baker wants to be part of the sideburns brother's club

  • Tolbert made 2 mistakes in the first inning at second base, which cost an additional run in the first inning

  • Bottom of 1st: Gomez starts with a bunt single. Steels second. Mauer singles up the middle, Gomez in 2-1. Cuddyer has an infield hit to the SS. Man on 1st and 2nd no outs. Morneau grounds into DP, two outs, Mauer on 3rd. Young breaks his bat and ground out to the 1st baseman. End of 1, 2-1

  • Baker got himself in trouble in this game so far, but seems energetic and hitting low 90s. His slider is not that much working though. 40 pitches through 2 innings

  • Monroe fouls out to the catcher, Lamb grounds out, Toblert singles through the middle.Everett flies out. End of 2, 3-1 Royals

  • Much needed 1-2-3 inning from Baker top of the 3rd. Gomez grounds out to the pitcher. Mauer gets an infield hit, Cuddyer hits to the left. Mornaeu doubles Mauer in (his first hit of the season) , Cuddyer is hurt sliding to 3rd, Kubel in for him. Young drives Kubel home with a groundout at 1st. Monroe strikes out on a high fastball. End of 3, 3-3.

  • 1-2-3 inning for Baker, just 5 pitches. Lamb doubles to right. Tolbert lays a sacrifice bunt, Lamb to 3rd, 1 out. Everett suicide squeezes Lamb in for the lead. Gomez gets an infield hit to the SS. Steals second. Mauer out to 2B. Twins up 4-3.

  • Baker settles, another 1-2-3 inning. (Rochester down 4-3 to Richmond, btw) Kubel at bat. He so looks like Hrbie at bat... he walks. Morneau DPs at the pitcher on the first pitch 2 outs. 3 straight balls to Young then flies to right. End of 5, 4-3 Twins.

  • Baker cruised over next inning in a Guillen DP to Tolbert after the home plate umpire had to do some equipment adjustment due to a foul bowl to his face mask. Monroe strikes out. Lamb pops up to the SS. Tolbert grounds out to the 2B. End of 6, 4-3 Twins.

  • 7th. Baker back in. 1 pitch 1 out. 2 pitches 2 outs. Neshek up in the pen. (Reyes was up before now he is down) Gload hits at the left. Gardy in Baker out, Neshek in, standing ovation for Baker. (Rochester loses 4-3 to Richmond. Duensing pitched a decent game.) Neshek gets Buck out on a broken bat grounder to the pitcher for the 3rd out. Everett grounds out to 2B. Gomez long double to left center. Pitching change. Gobble in. Mauer strikes out. Kubel strikes out. End of 7, 4-3 Twins.

  • Punto defensive replacement at 3B. Goundout, 1 out; Flyout, 2 down. K, 3. out. Middle of 8th. Morneau strikes out. Pitching change (Ramon Ramirez in), Young up, he flies to right. Nathan is up. Monroe strikes out. End of 8. 4-3 Twins.

  • Top of 9th, Nathan in, 1 out. 2 out. A hit. 3 outs. Twins win

Twins MVP: Gomez

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