Here are some notes from tonight's game:

  • Alternate home blue tops tonight. Love the new 162+ T-shirt that Boof was wearing on his pregame interview (who sells them?)

  • Hate to see the dome that empty that early

  • Delmon took three straight pitches for balls in his first at bat

  • Harris made his second great defensive play in 2 days

  • Boof has to throw a ton of pitches to get through an inning, weight loss or not. Amazed to see him start the 6th.

  • Harris can work the count better than any previous Twins' second basement the last 20 years

  • Morneau needs to find his swing really quickly

  • Aright, move Delmon to the 3 hole already... Cuddy is just too slow and prone to the DP ball

  • Crain is back... 94mph consistently with the 4 seamer and the movement is there

  • I'd rather see Perkins than Reyes pitching... I could have hit that slider.

  • Bass has major butterflies and a decent slider, but just needs to learn to throw
    it (a couple of feet) closer to the plate and get his fastball lower

  • Delmon Young rocks. 'nough said

  • Glad to see Tolbert instead of Punto up there

  • Need to have Bass finish these games... what's the use of putting another reliever in there?

  • Rincon has to go

Twins MVP: Delmon Young

at least the Twins are ahead of Detroit...

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