AL Central musings

  • Several days ago I listed the team ages of all world series winners since 1980. So far the calculated team age for Detroit is 32.0 for batters and 30.7 for pitchers. If they go ahead and win it all this year, they will be the oldest team that accomplished that since 1980. I am not surprised to see Detroit struggle (I picked them 3rd in AL Central with a .500 record), but I was surprised to see them struggle against KC (which I picked 4th over the White Sox, and now see it challenging Detroit for 3rd.) Offensive slumps are a part of the game, but with Detroit relying on their offense to win cannot afford to have more than one bat slumping at the same time

  • Speaking of offense, the addition of 2 ex-NL teammates to the Twins' lineup gave the Twins' fans a view of a rare but exciting play, the suicide squeeze. Everett's bat was a question mark coming into the season, but he has proven to be a very smart player that can help the team in several ways. Just early season numbers, but so far he has as many RBI (2) as the guy who leads the team in OPS (Kubel) in the same number of at-bats (10). Gomez has been a very positive surprise. I am sure that there is nobody west of the Mississippi who would like to see Span or Pridie over him up here. If he keeps it up (and indications are that he will only get better), by the all star break, a certain number 48 would be forgotten. His bunting the last 2 games has vastly improved and his last 2 bunts for hits can be repeated, with any infield defense in any formation... and this is just scary. I don't see Tolbert starting over Harris any time soon, but he could be a very useful piece of the bench, which makes Punto pretty much disposable. He can do everything Punto can, only better. I would not doubt that Bill Smith would (and should) be on the phone trying to unload Punto (but where and how?)

  • Cuddyer's injury lands him on the DL and Span is recalled from Rochester. Most likely, Kubel would be the starting right fielder with Monroe the starting DH and Span on the bench

  • Cleveland lost to the A's last night, so the Twins are 1.5 before the leaders of the division and the play them in the next two games. If they sweep, it is possible that they will lead the division by Sunday night. It is likely that the Twins will meet Mr Nomo tonight, and this is a good thing.

  • Meanwhile, Bill James alledges that Puckett and Gaetti used steroids. Insane and inane. On another not, I received Hrbie's book. Look forward to reading it.

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