Notes & thoughts from today

  • Twins lose 0-1

  • Great close game. A pitcher's duo. Unfortunately, I thought that Saunders would be more hittable than that.

  • Tolbert turned a cool DP in the 8th, with bases loaded and one out...

  • Redmond's dp at the 8th after Monroe's walk was a backbreaker

  • If people think that Gomez is green at the plate just look at Aybar (and he's 2 years older than Gomez)

  • Morneau's backhand play on Figgins in the 5th was just amazing and the following play by Harris was great. Enough webgems, how about some O?

  • Blackburn is a gamer. He was fighting with every pitch, kept his composure on the mount and kept going...

  • I need a #22 jersey (and a #21 too...); don't know about a #27 though... He looks likes his buddy Torri in the box.

  • What's up with the lack of crowd in the Dome?

  • Blackburn, Lamb and Mauer are brothers in sideburns

  • Detroit lost 0-4 to KC. No errors, but the lineup is not clicking and Inge is
    still the starting CF. Polanco is 0-10 for the season & Jacque Jones (0-7).

  • Got an mlb.tv view of the Chicago - Indians game and Carmona started the gameb looking like "the wild thing" character from the movie Major League before he settled down. It seems very cold there also...[edit: eventually it seems like the Indians are winning comfortable this game]

  • Here is all you need to know about the helmets worn by the Twins' base coaches this season. I think that the whole team should probably wear them. I really like the look it somewhat reminds me of those crazy Expos uniforms in the 80s.

  • Brian McNamee is hitting ebay big times

Twins MVP: Blackburn

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