Alright, I don't want to nag...

...but this is totally unacceptable.

To quote (Gardenhire talking about Liriano): "But it has to continue. If he stays flat and stays about the same with his location and he's throwing the ball all over the place, then we'll extend [the Minor League stint] out. It's up to him now to keep elevating [his game]."

Gardy was there in Bosner's outing this year
Gardy was there in Bass' 2 outings this year
Gardy was there in Rincon's 2 outings this year

They were throwing the ball over the place; did he make similar comments?

Gardenhire has been seen as an overachieving manager of an overachieving team, given a free ride for several years and never held accountable for his shortcomings, including having dismal postseasons, underachieving last year, alienating one of the best hitters in baseball (Ortiz), being on the verge of alienating one of the best pitchers in the game (Liriano), refusing to understand that it is the 21st century and people from different cultures might have different needs & refusing to communicate with his latin players (I couldn't understand a word he was saying so I took him out of the game re: Gomez or We don't really know about what he did down in the Dominican re: Liriano), making bad decisions about rosters (Punto, Hockin, Rabe, Garett Jones etc) and managing the game... etc... etc... etc...

All I am saying is that the Twins have a chance to compete this year. If they don't, Gardenhire and his staff should be held accountable and take a hike.

[/end rant]

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