5 problems that need to be fixed...

It is the unofficial midpoint of the season and this is my "how well has this team done and what does it need to do to do better post".

So far this team is meeting my expectations (remember, I picked them to win the Central with 89 wins this season, last March). However, there are still 5 problems that this team has to solve to be enshrined as a contender. I will list the problems here and in separate posts I will analyze each of them and propose solutions:

1. The hitting against left hand pitchers is lacking, despite the acquisitions of Young and Monroe during the off-season

2. The starting pitching is not as optimal as it could be

3. The relief pitching is barely adequate and digressing as time goes on

4. The bench, 25-man and 40-man rosters and the minor league system is all over the place

5. The road/home pitching discrepancy is alarming. I discussed this problem ad noseum previously (check the 4 linked posts), so I will not reiterate...


Twins Fix said...

Agree with all of those! Look forward to seeing you answers!

thrylos98 said...

Thanks! Got the first installment in today :)