It's a late night's day, so here are some tidbits

It looks like Juanie singed a minor league deal with the Indians. Effectively, this is trading Rincon for Breslow, while eating Rincon's salary. A bunch of teams are willing to give a major league contract with a multi million dollar signing bonus to a 16 year old. The Twins are on the road at San Diego. Here are some interesting splits:


Team: Home ERA 3.32, Road ERA 5.69

home buddies:
Joe Nathan: Home ERA 0.86,Road ERA 2.79
Dennys Reyes: Home ERA 1.32,Road ERA 4.00
Matt Guerrier: Home ERA 1.46, Road ERA 5.74
Jesse Crain: Home ERA 1.47, Road ERA 4.72
Nick Blackburn: Home ERA 2.20, Road ERA 5.06
Scott Baker: Home ERA 2.28,Road ERA 4.60
Brian Bass: Home ERA 3.20, Road ERA 6.95
Livan Hernandez: Home ERA 3.86, Road ERA 7.00

Frequent Fliers:
Glen Perkins: Home ERA 4.98,Road ERA 3.32
Kevin Slowey: Home ERA 4.71,Road ERA 4.17

Consistently bad:
Boof Bonser: Home ERA 5.73,Road ERA 8.55


Team: Home OPS .734, Road OPS .707

home buddies:
Joe Mauer: Home OPS .952, Road OPS .742
Brian Buscher: Home OPS .802, Road OPS .690
Craig Monroe: Home OPS .788, Road OPS .595
Michael Cuddyer: Home OPS .772, Road OPS .626
Nick Punto: Home OPS .770, Road OPS .655
Brendan Harris : Home OPS .719, Road OPS .590
Mike Redmond: Home OPS .717, Road OPS .632

Frequent Fliers:
Delmon Young: Home OPS .626, Road OPS .774
Mike Lamb: Home OPS .416, Road OPS .752

Even Stevens:
Justin Morneau: Home OPS .858, Road OPS .834
Jason Kubel: Home OPS .797, Road OPS .759
Alexi Casilla: Home OPS .758, Road OPS .783
Carlos Gomez: Home OPS .672, Road OPS .690

This is pretty interesting data, looking at the whole pitching squad grossly underachieving on the road. Is it a routine/preparation issue? The coaches should do something to reverse this trait, or at least attempt to do something. It is a glaring difference and squad-wise. When your team ERA is 2.some points higher on the road it is a serious problem of preparation and the blame falls of the manager, pitching coach and travel staff.

As far as the batters go, I would not be surprised to see Mike Lamb play in San Diego. A home/road platoon at 3rd might not be out of the question. Craig Monroe should play more at home, occasionally spelling Gomez and Young.

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